Will Derrick Rose Continue His NBA Career After Another Injury?

Will Derrick Rose Continue His NBA Career After Another Injury?

Newly added to the roster of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the oft-injured Derrick Rose has suffered another injury. This time a bone spur in his left ankle will bring him back to rehab and quite possibly, further surgery. While this is daunting news for basketball fans, it also sparked a few Bitcoin basketball odds on the side.

Derrick Rose Exile

Although, it was announced by NBA reporters that Rose returned to practice with the Cavs, after imposing a self-exile for himself last November 22, because of frustrations with his injuries. The only 29-year-old NBA player has been struggling after his major injury back in 2011. After that, Rose missed the 12-13 season and only suited up for the Bulls in 10 games the following season. The former MVP has been faced with adversity not only with injuries. Rose was accused of rape in 2016 but was acquitted by the jury in a trial. This was during his stint with the Knicks for a single season before signing a veteran minimum deal to play with The King in the Cavs. The 2017-2018 season started well for Rose—who played as the starting point guard for all his 7 games played— but averaged a career low of 26.9 minutes, 14 points, and 1.7 assists.

During his self-exile, a total of two weeks, in which Rose declined to confirm if he pondered about retirement. But during the Cavs’ practice, when he returned, Rose expressed his teammates’ and the Cavs’ front office support that has helped him to be more appreciative of what he currently has. Although, as Isiah Thomas nears his return from his own injury, Rose will likely head back bench as Thomas takes the starting point guard spot. With this in hand, will Rose be able to fight through his adversities and suit up for the Cavs again?

Bitcoin Sports Betting

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Rose is still without a championship ring. His closest was during his NCAA days against Kansas but lost to overtime. Joining LeBron and the Cavs gives him a clearer shot of the ring, should he continue to play this season.