Unexpected Heroes Save Patriots Another Super Bowl

Unexpected Heroes Save Patriots Another Super Bowl

We’re going to avoid the same narrative that has been talked over and over again–that the Patriots are a “constant” in the NFL and that the Brady-Belichick tandem continues their dynasty consistently run over the past 17 years. The New England Patriots head to the Super Bowl for the third time in the past four seasons. But, there is also another constant thing that may go unnoticed for the legendary team: crucial contributions from players you least expect. This time, it was Danny Amendola and Stephen Gilmore who saved the AFC game and brought thrill to the Bitcoin American Football odds.

Amendola And Gilmore: Unexpected Heroes

Rob Gronkowski suffered a costly concussion late in the second quarter of the AFC title game. This is why the Patriots made game plan changes as Amendola replaced the injured Gronkowski to play the tight end position. Amendola ended up making the big plays the Patriots needed to come back to the game. The 9-year veteran caught 5 for 56 yards that scored the two winning touchdowns in the fourth-quarter to complete the come from behind win.

Amidst Amendola’s heroics on the offense, the Jaguars still had time to make their own comeback. The Patriots needed a stop on the defense side. That’s when Gilmore stood up and made one of the best defensive plays of the season and also, was the crucial and winning stop the Patriots needed.

The Jaguars were on the 40-yard line when Bortles broke free and launched a pass to the right sideline to a running Westbrook. It looked like the Jaguars locked in to catch the pass, and had Westbrook caught the pass, the Jaguars had the potential to score. However, Gilmore leaped and intercepted the pass with his extended arms and in doing so, sealing their trip to the AFC again. It was clutch and the perfect defensive play.

Brady-Belichick Era

Of course, Brady and Belichick remain the main focus of the Patriots. It was Brady’s pass that sealed the Amendola end zone catch play that gave them the lead. Also, it was Belichick’s genius coaching that quickly adapted to the situation after Gronkowski got injured, unleashing Amendola to play a crucial game. It’s a reminder that the Patriots has their stars, but they continue their dynasty and glory by letting unlikely heroes play and complete crucial plays.

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