UK Integrates The GPS Technology To In-Play Horserace Betting

UK Integrates The GPS Technology To In-Play Horserace Betting - Bitcoinoddschecker

Fans of horse racing will be thrilled to find out that placing wagers with a bookmaker on their smartphones while the races are ongoing. This is made possible with the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. There are already betting sites that offer in-race wagering markets but not as good as what a GPS-based in-play betting could offer. With this technology, gamblers can bet via an app that shows data on the position of every horse on a race having an accuracy of no worse than 0.1m, and having a time-lag of 0.1sec or less from live. Information about after the race including the speed of runners at different stages will also be shown for gamblers to understand the results in a more detailed manner and for them to see if there are in any way affected the performance of the horses. The Guardian announced that a “leading online bookmaker” will launch the product in the next few weeks, which will just be a go-signal for other bookmakers to follow suit. Should we expect the top Bitcoin sportsbooks to integrate the feature as well?

Benefits Of The Big Data In Racing

Will Duff Gordon, the CEO of Total Performance Data, presented last month the big data’s potential to increase UK racing’s annual turnover by another billion pounds from the £5.64b it has earned in 2016. Gordon is positive that this will result to an extra 10% revenue for the betting operators.

“We can’t wait to do it for the jumps,” Gordon said. “We’re going to look at things like how much ground is lost over fences, meaning the speed and fluency of jumping. We’ll need a bigger boat to tackle jumps at the same time, but the hardware will all work. It’s more to do with the software and finding your timing points, because they will be fences and not furlong poles. There will need to be survey data for all the fences, and we need to deal with things like when the race starts, because they go round in circles and then start. But we’ve done a couple of jumps fixtures and that’s going to be a project in the first quarter next year.” According to Gordon, the box that transmits the GPS data can report live the number of strides per second the horse makes. They will also soon release stride-length data before October ends.

This GPS technology will leave a big impact on bookmakers, especially for Bitcoin bookmakers. This technology will optimize the advantages bettors get from placing bets on Bitcoin horserace betting. Bitcoin users will definitely feel the added convenience provided by the big data.