UFC: Early GSP Versus McGregor Bitcoin Odds

UFC: Early GSP Versus McGregor Bitcoin Odds

UFC: Early GSP Versus McGregor Bitcoin Odds

GSP Is Back

Georges St-Pierre returned to the Octagon after 4 years of self-inflicted exile from the sport that he has grown to love. GSP fought the Middleweight Champion, Michael Bisping last weekend and even after his long hiatus from mixed martial arts, GSP ended the fight with his fists held high while getting the Middleweight Title belt wrapped around his waist. The Canadian showed no signs of slowing down after getting the win at UFC 217.

In another time and place, Conor McGregor wasn’t as huge as he is now when GSP left the UFC. McGregor just finished his second career fight then, and now he has become the brawling and attraction of the UFC. Of course, MMA fans have quickly drawn up the match of the century yet again. GSP helped bring the UFC into the mainstream while McGregor feasted on that popularity. Early speculation has already begun for the GSP and McGregor fight.

GSP vs McGregor

Sportsbooks have very early Bitcoin UFC odds of GSP with -150 odds as the favorite and McGregor with +120. Placing Bitcoin sports bets as early as now can save you money in the near future.

GSP holds the Middleweight Title right now but his fighting weight remains at 170 pounds. His past matches were fought in the welterweight division. On the other hand, McGregor fought Nate Diaz twice as a welterweight. This means that the fight will most likely happen with both cagers as welterweights.

How Will GSP Do In This Fight?

GSP–even after his 4-year hiatus–is still as dominating as he was. That being said, taking 4 years off in any sport or league is a long time, and MMA evolved during GSP’s last fight. But, the polite GSP is the exact opposite when he’s inside the Octagon. GSP devours his opponents and continues to display outstanding form regardless of his recent pause.

At the other end of the spectrum, McGregor, coming off a loss from his recent Boxing bout against Mayweather, seeks to bring back his brash and cocky insults in and out of the Octagon. Together with his lethal knockout moves and his determined attitude, is this the right combination to face GSP with?