Two NBA Teams Clinch A Playoff Spot

Two NBA Teams Clinch A Playoff Spot

Both Eastern and Western conferences had its first team clinch a playoff spot, and both the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets have officially entered the NBA playoffs. This also puts the spotlight on Bitcoin sports betting odds as NBA betting enthusiasts now line up their predictions. Although, keep in mind that seeding and home-court advantage will still depend on their performance in the remaining games.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors is the first Eastern Conference team to clinch a playoff spot, and as of this writing, still holds the number one spot in the standing. This also marks their fifth straight playoff appearance. Moreover, they completed the feat in a dramatic fashion. With the game on the line against the Pistons, DeMar DeRozan completed a monster dunk with 6 seconds remaining to grab the lead in the fourth quarter. Furthermore, to clinch the win and the playoff berth, DeRozan created the play that opened up Fred Van Vleet to shoot the game-winning three-point shot. DeMar ended that game with 42 points.

The Raptors now have an opportunity to end the regular season with the top seed for the first time ever in franchise history. Toronto needs to finish the season with a 10-8 record or better for the remainder of the regular season to do so. Putting it into context, the Raptors’ best record in a season was in 2015-2016, notching a 56-26 record and reaching the Eastern Conference finals.

Houston Rockets

On the other hand, the Rockets clinched the first playoff spot in the West after winning in most Rockets-way possible: by domination, like what they’re doing against most NBA teams this season. Without James Harden, who wore his street clothes and sat out the game due to a sore knee, the Rockets stomped the Dallas Mavericks on the road with a final score of 105-82. But the Rockets have a higher aspiration in mind than clinching a playoff spot. Houston wants to finish the season holding the number one spot in the West and of course, to win the Finals.

Betting On The Raptors And Rockets

The NBA Playoffs together with Bitcoin basketball odds will surely be more exciting as these two teams have a guaranteed slot. That being said, both teams have 16 games remaining on their schedule. There’s still enough time to place bets on these dominant teams. Toronto is 38-28 against the spread overall, with a two-game winning streak. Meanwhile, the Rockets are 35-30-1 against the spread overall. Hopefully these tips on how the teams cover the spread help you place bets. If you’re looking for more tips, we have more guides on our website.