St. Mary’s Stadium

St. Mary's Stadium

The St. Mary’s Stadium got its moniker from the location where it stands. It sits atop Southampton, England near the St. Mary’s Church, one of the Greater Churches in the world. The stadium is a complete bowl and has stands of equal height, each stand has four main hospitality suites that are named after the Saint’s greatest football players in history: Terry Paine, Mick Channon, Bobby Stokes, and Matt Le Tissier. At present, the stadium holds the record of the largest football stadium in South East England.

St. Mary’s Stadium is home to Premier League’s Southampton F.C since 2001, but it hosts all types of international football matches including one full England International match where David Beckham and Steven Gerrard scored goals for England, as well as football matches between Japan and Nigeria. Sports aside, the St. Mary’s Stadium is also being treated as a conference facility for movie premieres and music concerts.

Home Team: Southampton
Capacity: 32,505
Field Size: 115 x 74 yards