Sports Betting Industry Holds Debut Conference In November 2018

Sports Betting Industry Holds Debut Conference In November 2018

Inaugural Sports Betting Conference

Sports Betting USA 2017 will be the pioneer conference for the sports betting industry. It will take place at the Convene Conference Center in New York City. The conference was mostly organized because of the incoming 1992 Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) Senate hearing and the industry is concerned of the negative result. The conference will serve as the perfect platform to discuss the issues sports betting face as renowned individuals will be attending the event as well. The bottom line of Sports Betting USA 2017 aims to make sports betting in both online and land-based casinos less restrictive.

Key Agenda

The two-day conference features a range of speakers from gambling experts to sports leagues executives like NFL or NBA head officers. Also, one of its goals is to disprove the usual misconceptions about sports betting. Along with this, is to provide better ways to create revenue and to allow more fan interactions. While the conference is the perfect time to learn and explore the sports betting world, it is also the perfect time to know more people and build networks. Sports Betting USA 2017 will have attendees from sports leagues and teams, TV networks, casino operators, regulators and lawmakers, licensed sportsbooks, and lastly, software and platform developers. Ultimately, the first-ever sports betting conference will be the perfect time to build new relationships and discover the ways to drive sports betting to be better.

Bitcoin As A Tool

Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies seem to solve the industry’s problems. Shouldn’t the conference allow room for Bitcoin to enter as an opportunity for convenient transactions? Bitcoin as a payment method can bring many advantages not only to the players but also to the operators. One of Bitcoin’s nature is anonymity. Apply this in sports betting and that means hidden identities and fewer, if not zero, restrictions to face. When players deposit with Bitcoin, their personal information is not placed at risk. But, that is just one of the many advantages that Bitcoin can bring. Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method will benefit players and operators but more importantly, the sports betting industry. In fact, numerous Bitcoin sportsbook sites can be found today along with Bitcoin and fiat accepting sportsbooks. This is a sign of the growing nature of the industry, which the Sports Betting Conference should cover as well.