Snooker Odds


When talking about sportsbooks, you might think of the more popular sports like American football, basketball, and soccer. No matter how great those sports are, sports betting sites offer more sports than those three. One of the Bitcoin sports you should give a shot is Snooker. Even though Snooker Bitcoin betting today is not as famous as pool betting, this table sports is able to attract bettors because of its distinct rules. While it may look similar to other table games, Snooker Bitcoin betting is the most unique of all.

The basics of Snooker

Every bettor must at least be familiar with the basics of Snooker Bitcoin betting. Just like in pool, players of Snooker attempt to put every colored ball into a hole. The main difference of the two is the scoring system. The end goal of a pool player is to be the last one to sink the last colored ball. Meanwhile, in Snooker, a player’s goal is to score more points than the opponent. There are also 15 additional red balls in Snooker which are not used in pool. The balls are brought into the hole by the players alternatively. Once a player pots a red ball, they must target then a colored one. The Snooker’s first phase is when the players try to put every red ball into the hole. During this phase, every potted colored ball is returned to their original places. The second phase begins when all red balls are removed. All colored balls then can no longer return to the table. By learning the basics, you don’t need a lot of Snooker Bitcoin betting tips. But to understand more, try it yourself and join Snooker betting events on the best sportsbooks.

Snooker betting events

There are major events for Snooker Bitcoin betting. The biggest one is the World Championships. Other big Snooker betting events are the UK Championship and the International Championship. Some Bitcoin sports betting sites offer these major events for Snooker like NitrogenSports and DirectBet.

Snooker odds