Cricket Odds


Being a bat-and-ball game, people might confuse Cricket with Baseball. The truth is, these two are very much different in terms of the game rules. People who used to play baseball wanted to try this out for a new experience. While this sport might not be that popular among western audiences, it is a hit among several Commonwealth countries including England, Australia, India, and South Africa. Still, it is the 3rd most watched sports competition in the world next to football and rugby. This is why Cricket remains one of the Bitcoin sports in some sports betting sites. Cricket Bitcoin betting today has become a sensational activity, allowing bettors to place wagers on different sportsbooks such as: SportsBet, NitrogenSports, CloudBet, 5Dimes, Anonibet, and Coin178. With these reputable sites, Cricket Bitcoin betting has become accessible.

In Cricket Bitcoin betting, it is important to familiarize yourself how a Cricket game works. In Cricket, there are two teams having 11 players each. Both teams try to get a higher score than the other. The fielding team lets out 11 players in the field while the batting team only lets out two players to be their batter. For them to score, a batter should hit the ball bowled by the opponents. Once they hit it, they go to the opposite crease and score one run. The fielding team will try to take out the batter by bowling a ball onto three wickets. Once a batter hits the ball, the other players on the field will have to toss it back to the bowler. If the batter isn’t back to the crease when they try to make a run, they can knock out a bail.

Cricket betting reminders

Here are some Cricket Bitcoin betting tips you should know. You can join in some domestic and international Cricket competitions. The three most popular are: Big Bash League, Champions League T20, and Indian Premier League. Another thing you need to do in Cricket Bitcoin betting, just place your wagers on a trustworthy sportsbook like the ones already mentioned. Different sports betting sites offer different features. And don’t forget to bet with Bitcoin to take advantage of big bonuses.

Cricket odds