Aussie Rules Odds

Australian rules football, also known as Aussie Rules, is another physical contact sport. First played in 1859 in Melbourne, it eventually evolved as a major national sport. Through the Australian Football League, Aussie Rules football attracted many fans in the world, which has caused Aussie Rules Bitcoin betting today to be known in the gambling scene. Among Bitcoin sports, Aussie Rules Bitcoin betting has become quite prevalent in some sports betting sites. You could bet on Aussie Rules on some reputable sportsbooks such as: CloudBet, Nitrogen Sports, Bet365, BetWay, and BetOnline.

Rules in Aussie Rules Betting

You might be thinking Aussie Rules is quite the same with soccer, but the rules in Aussie Rules makes the sport unique and incomparable. In Aussie Rules Bitcoin betting, there are also certain rules to know. The final score, including overtime if applicable, determines the winners and losers. All matches must have at least 80 minutes of action, except pre-season matches which are scheduled to play less time. If a match is postponed for more than 48 hours from the starting time, bets on the match will become void and the stake will be returned to your account. If a draw happens, moneyline are considered push and the parlay will be recalculated and reduced which will be based on the remaining legs that have action.

Aussie Rules betting pointers

If you want to try betting bitcoins on Aussie Rules matches, here are some Aussie Rules Bitcoin betting tips you could use if your goal is to profit. First, bet on a team that has favorable odds. Second, place a wager on the team with odds that will make you earn in the long run. Lastly, don’t always bet on everyone’s favorite underdog. Bet on the favored top player. Of course, with Bitcoin, convenient and trouble-free betting on Aussie Rules is by your side at all times.

Aussie Rules odds