Houston Rockets Takes On Los Angeles Clippers At Staples

Houston Rockets Takes On Los Angeles Clippers At Staples Again

After the notorious, “Brawl in the Hall” at Staples Center, the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers face one another again at Staples Center. Even though Blake Griffin, as one of the initiators of the conflicts in their last game, was traded to the Detroit Pistons, we can expect the game to be heated as because both teams are hungry and looking to continue their win streaks. We predict that anytime Chris Paul faces his former team, which he was reportedly disliked by, would be scrappy with lots of shoving and heated action. Meanwhile, the Clips won both of the two times that they have met, but the last one was without James Harden. How are the Bitcoin sports betting odds looking this time for both teams? Let’s assess the factors in play here.

Houston, We Have No Problem

The Houston Rockets, with their highly favored MVP winner this season, won 13 straight games. They continue to lead the West and hold the first spot in the conference standings. Moreover, the Rockets have the chance to surpass the 1993-1994 Rockets, who hold the best record in franchise history. The current Rockets, at 47-13 with 22 games left to play, only need to win 12 games to beat the best record. Adding more fuel to the fire is Chris Paul’s assist record only shy of 11 before reaching the 2,000 assists milestone. These reasons demonstrate that the Rockets are hungry to take the win this time.

The Clippers Can Still Compete

The Los Angeles Clippers, winning seven of their last nine games, are looking for more victories to add to the streak. Despite trading away the majority of Lob City, their new additions are performing well. Lou Williams continues his shooting spree and is averaging 23.3 points and 5.4 assists in a game. Tobias Harris is hot outside of the arc and averages 19.4 points per game. DeAndre Jordan is still a formidable center, grabbing 15 rebounds per game. The Clips are still in the playoff hunt, positioned at the 8th spot with a 32-27 record and with 23 games left to play.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Houston is still the favorite to win the game, amidst losing 3 straight against the Clippers, with a -5.5 point-spread. In hindsight, the Rockets winning seven consecutive road games prove that they can compete outside Houston. Meanwhile, the Clippers are just coming off a 122-120 win against Denver, which shows a possible fatigue in the side of Los Angeles. This may surface a weakness against a high-tempo Rockets. Of course, all these factors combined make for potential Bitcoin basketball odds to materialize. Don’t miss the opportunity to bet on promising odds to win bitcoins with sportsbetting.