The Rising Clubs Of The 2018/19 Premier League

Rising Clubs Of The 2018/19 Premier League

The Premier League is full of shockers, and there are always a few teams that surprise everyone and go on incredible runs that no one ever imagined. Of course, among the plethora of notable Premier League moments was Leicester City’s victory in the 2015/16 season. This phenomenon doesn’t come too often, so we take a look at more realistic outcomes you can look forward to for now. More than that, you can use this as a heads up for the coming upcoming Premier League betting season.

Burnley surpassed expectations last season after making the jump to the next level. A familiar sight in the bottom of the table, the Clarets finished seventh last season and held a record of 14 wins, 12 draws, and 12 losses. What’s more remarkable is the fact that the team was a few points away from relegation the season before. However, this year, we’ll find Burnley playing in the Europa League after 51 years of absence from the competition.

Furthermore, for the 2018/19 Premier League season, there are a handful of candidates who could possibly perform well and find themselves into a race for a European place and pull off a few upsets on the road.

Other than Burnley, West Ham are looking to take the stand this year as the team just made a break on investments compared to the previous year. Of the smaller clubs remaining in the top-tier, the likes of Huddersfield Town and Brighton could be on its way to stardom, having recruited a number of promising players during the transfer window.

Brighton was able to close a deal and brought in Bernardo from RB Leipzig for €10 Million. The 23-year-old can control the midfield with his flashes of brilliance. More than that, the Brazilian can grow even further with more playing time in the Premier League.

Following this strong move that might give Brighton more live is Alireza Jahanbakhsh from AZ Alkmaar. The 24-year-old Iranian is an up and coming talent that could flourish in England.

In the meantime, Brighton has been fortifying its roster with the addition of Adama Kiakhaby and Ramadan Sobhi to cover the attacking needs of the club.

Ultimately, seasons following a World Cup are hectic for the most part as most team’s don’t get to maximize the transfer window due to a smaller time frame after a tournament of that degree. This could prove to be the chance for these teams to make a break and claim a European slot in the coming months.