Sports betting is a huge hit in the world of Internet gaming, and the popularity is further enhanced with the inception of bigger and better tournaments involving various sports. OneHash is a betting platform that takes all of the necessary components in and leaves behind the unnecessary. This makes a unique destination that screams no-frills from end to end.

Any Bitcoin sports review should be able to point out the ups and downs of a brand, and what we do extends past the surface of any site, which makes our write-ups one of the best. Forge ahead and see what features can catch your attention and make you sign-up to become a member.

Betting options

The site’s functions lean towards the sports betting world. If you’re a huge fan of sporting events and wagering alone, this might hit the nail on the head. Availability is quite respectable as well with both major and minor tournaments present. There’s Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, and more exciting events.

OneHash reaches out to eSports betting, too. You’ll find some of the hottest video game tournaments on board, such as DotA 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


One downside to the platform is the absence of player bonuses. Some may look at this as a deciding factor when it comes to selecting a sportsbook, but it surprises many players that this site does not hand out incentives to its players like what most betting portals do. However, if you’re not after extra wagering credits that have wagering requirements, the lack of bonuses should be the least of your worries.


There are two ways to start placing bets. You can use the bitcoins you deposited to your gaming accounts or by directly sending bitcoins to a given even. No other payment method is accepted. This only means that you get the full potential of Bitcoin payments that includes player anonymity, swift deposits and withdrawals, rock-bottom processing fees, and fortified security measures protecting your accounts.


The only channel to contact the support team is through e-mail. Replies to questions are sent in a respectable amount of time that usually falls under 24 hours. There are no other gateways available to get in touch with and representatives. While the site can do with other support mediums, the e-mail can already hold its own in terms of reliability.


Apart from the lack of bonuses and slightly narrowed down support options, OneHash performs greatly in all other aspects. Should you want to start sports betting with bitcoins, this site can serve as a good starting point and promises to deliver the quality, entertainment, and rewards that you want to see during your betting experiences.