Pre-Draft And Trades NFL 2018-2019 Season Futures Odds

Pre-Draft And Trades NFL 2018-2019 Season Futures Odds

After the NFL season packed up, sportsbooks are quick to give us the Bitcoin future odds for the next Super Bowl winner. To remind you, these are pre-draft and pre-trades, and the odds are likely to change as we get nearer to the NFL 2018-2019 season.

Super Bowl LIII Futures Odds Pre-Draft and Pre-Trades

Even if the Patriots fell short of their attempt to a 6th Super Bowl title, Bitcoin sportsbooks opened New England Patriots as the favorite to win the next Super Bowl, Super Bowl LIII. The legendary team is logged at +500 odds at NitrogenSports, which is plenty profitable, compared to Super Bowl LII, where they were accompanied with +325 odds.

New England Patriots are expected to have different sideline coaches by next season. Offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia may depart the team for head coaching jobs. Other than that, changes in the lineup are unlikely and the roster will remain intact. Especially, after the loss, Tom Brady isn’t hanging up his jersey just yet and this loss might have made him hungrier for another Super Bowl ring. Furthermore, the Patriots always have the luxury of playing in the league’s weakest division.

After making history and completing their amazing run this season, the Philadelphia Eagles are logged with +900 odds as the winner of Super Bowl LIII. The Eagles are an insurmountable force. After losing star quarterback, Carson Wentz, the team continued to bulldoze their way against top NFL teams. Expect Philly to be back next year after this amazing run. The Super Bowl LII and current NFL champions have the second-best odds and are tied with Green Bay Packers, surprisingly.

Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco 49ers are all tied to the 10th place with +200 odds. To give more emphasis to the 49ers, they’re a surprise addition to the list after grabbing such a high spot. But, we never know, as SF ended the last season on a good note after inserting Jimmy Garoppolo as a starter and they ended up winning their last 5 games after starting their first 11 games with a 1-10 win-loss record.

Conference Leaders

In the AFC, the Patriots lead the pack with +175 odds, the Steelers follow with +450 odds, the Jaguars with +900 odds, the Texans with +1,000 odds, and the Chiefs with +1,200 odds are the top-five teams who lead the AFC based on future odds.

In the NFC, the Packers and the Eagles are tied for the first spot with +500 odds, the Vikings with +750 odds, the Cowboys with +900 odds, and the Falcons with +1,000 odds complete the top-five teams who leads the NFC based on future odds.