Patriots And Eagles Win Conference Round & Sets Up SB 52

Patriots And Eagles Win Conference Round & Sets Up SB 52

Super Bowl LII is ready to go as we have a look at the final two teams going head-to-head for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. New England Patriots’ come from behind win over the Jaguars proved that they are a constant in the NFL after winning their 10th AFC title. Moreover, the underdog Philadelphia Eagles dominated the Minnesota Vikings to clinch the NFC title. We’ll go over each conference match to find out how the Patriots and Eagles won and set the Bitcoin American football odds for the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

AFC Championship Breakdown

The Patriots grabbed their second back-to-back Super Bowl appearance after claiming the AFC title. But, how did Tom Brady and his injured finger fare during the game? How did New England steal the win after struggling in the first half?

The Jaguars had the lead and controlled the majority of the game. They entered the fourth quarter with a 20-10 score. But knowing the Patriots, who are known for their determination, stole the show and dominated the fourth quarter with the help of Danny Amendola, who scored two crucial touchdowns that took the lead from the Jaguars.

Again, Jacksonville had an opportunity to regain the lead but funneled the chance as a fourth-down pass went incomplete. It was a cruel ending to the Jaguars’ fairytale-like season, and this loss will surely haunt them in the days to come.

It looks like Brady’s hand injury didn’t matter. After 10 stitches on his right hand and a sprained thumb, the legendary quarterback completed 26 out of 38 passes for 290 yards and two touchdowns that sealed the Patriots’ eight trips to the Super Bowl in the Belichick-Brady era. It’s a good thing Super Bowl LII isn’t for another two weeks, which gives Brady time to rest and heal.

NFC Championship Breakdown

In Philadelphia–where the NFC Championship went about–the story is different. The Eagles, who embraced the underdog persona by wearing dog masks, trumped the Vikings with a score of 38-7 to reach their first Super Bowl since 2005.

Nick Foles played a stellar performance after completing 26 out of 33 passes for 252 yards with 3 touchdowns. This helped the Eagles make big plays on offense and defense that stunned the Vikings.

The Minnesota Miracle turned out to be short-lived. The Vikings could not get their offense lined up because of turnovers. In which, they could not execute crucial plays that they desperately needed to convert to stay in the game.

The Eagles continue their underdog persona as they face the Patriots come Sunday, February 5. Moreover, we show you the early odds for Super Bowl LII thanks to NitrogenSports. For those who want to have a glimpse of these Bitcoin odds, we have it in store just for you.

Early Super Bowl LII Odds

The Eagles needs more of those dog masks as the match underdog with 2.994 odds against the favorites, Patriots with 1.443. The point spread in the match is +/-5.5 and the total score is predicted to be 48 points for the over/under total.