Patriots And Vikings: Favorites Entering NFL Conference Titles

Patriots And Vikings: Favorites Entering NFL Conference Titles

The NFL 2017-2018 season is coming to a close. We’re down to the last 2 games before the Super Bowl. Find out what’s in store for Bitcoin American Football odds and betting in the Conference Championship matches.

AFC Championship

The New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars won their division matches against the Titans and the Steelers, respectively, to advance to the conference championship. Now, both teams are down to the last match to book a seat to Super Bowl LII. Let’s go through how the Patriots and Jaguars won their division matches before going to the Bitcoin odds of the AFC Championship showdown.

Tom Brady and company decimated the Titans with the score, 35-14. The Legendary quarterback ended the playoff game with 337 yards and 3 touchdowns that sealed the win. With this , the Pats’ continued their streak of winning a playoff game with 30 points in 4 consecutive games. New England has been constant in the league after winning 6 AFC title games and the team looks to be headed in that direction.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars were the underdogs in their match against the Steelers but they successfully beat the Steelers with a 45-42 scoreline. Pittsburgh was the expected heavyweight matchup for the Patriots, but the Jaguars completed the upset.

AFC: Patriots vs Jaguars

Getting right to the odds of the game, the Patriots are the favorites to win the game with -395 odds, which can lead them to their 7th AFC title. On the other hand, Jacksonville sports +337 odds as underdogs of the game. You can place wagers on prop bets like the +/- 9.5 point spread and over/under total score of 46.5 in the title match.

Do you think Jacksonville can shake up the playoffs if they win the AFC? Or are we set to witness another legendary game for Brady and the Patriots that makes this their 6th overall NFL Championship if so? Everything is up to you, so place bets on the remaining NFL games before the season closes.

NFC Championship

The Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles won their division games against the Saints and the Falcons, respectively, to enter the NFC title round. Minnesota and Philadelphia faces off for a Super Bowl LII spot. Find out how each team won their division matches before looking into the odds of the National Football Conference match.

The Vikings’ last-gasp touchdown—now known as the “Minnesota Miracle”—made a Saints fan faint and was the key to enter the NFC title match against the Falcons. On that note, the Saints had a special season but the sudden end along with the knife-to-the-heart loss against the Vikings only means that the NFL is does have its own unpredictable moments.

The Falcons and the Eagles’ division match was a nail-biter, too. The Eagles were handed the opportunity to claim the win in the 4th quarter with less than a minute left at the 10-yard line. But, the Eagles’ defense proved to be too overwhelming for the Falcons.

NFC: Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Vikings are the match favorites to win even though they play at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia as the visiting team with -175 odds. The Eagles will have to do more than wear dog masks as the underdogs with +157 odds to win the game. Furthermore, a +/-3.5 point spread and 38 over/under total score prop bets are available for placing wagers.

Do the Vikings need to pull off another miracle to get past the Eagles or will the dog masks of the Philadelphia scare off Minnesota?