Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool 2018

Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool 2018

Nitrogen Sports’ NFL event last year saw over $200,000 USD in BTC handed out to NFL Pool survivors. This year, the number one Bitcoin sportsbook is about to unleash bigger guarantees, better buy-ins and the same great format American football betting fans know and love.

The biggest NFL Survivor Pool returns

Do you think you have what it takes to win this year’ Survivor Pool? Fret not as Nitrogen Sports is here to make your NFL betting experiences worthwhile. Step your game up and get a shot at bigger payouts. Get more out of your buy-ins. This is your chance to come out on top with massive rewards heading your way.

Last NFL Survivor Pool launch put Bitcoin under the spotlight. Previous Survivor Pool winners got the best of Bitcoin after the cryptocurrency prices rose high. Those who bought in at $4k BTC could’ve easily doubled or even more by the time the pool finished. There were plenty of winners smiling from ear to ear last year, and Nitrogen Sports expect more smiles from participants into the launch of the new NFL Survivor on August 1, 2018.

NFL Survivor Pool mechanics

  • Choose the pools you want to take part in. The buy-ins will usually dictate which pools you’ll enter. Our pool buy-ins range from free, to approaching $10,000 USD. There are buy-ins for everyone. You are allowed to buy-in more than once to any single pool except the free pool.
  • Join your pools and have a look at the team lists. The idea is to pick a team to win each week. For example, if you think the Miami Dolphins are going to beat the Tennessee Titans in their week 1 matchup, you might pick them. For week 1, your pick is Miami.
  • If you’re right, and your team wins, you survive and you get to pick again in week 2. If you’re wrong and your team loses, you’re out.
  • The tricky part in all of this has to do with how many times you can pick a team to win. Let’s say you pick the Dolphins in week 1 and they win … you are no longer able to pick the Dolphins to win in any subsequent week. It gets really hard near crunch time when only the worst teams are left for you to pick from. Good survivor pool players carefully plan their picks weeks in advance and adapt as new circumstances arise.
  • If more than one player is left standing at the end of the schedule or if more than one player goes out on the same week and no one else is left (this is most common), the prize is split evenly.
  • Nitrogen ‘seeds’ each pool with a guarantee, meaning that regardless of how many buy-ins are registered, players can count on a minimum payout. Once the guarantee is reached, all buy-ins count towards the pot. Nitrogen does not take a house cut from the Survivor Pool.

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