Nitrogen Sports Gives Life To March Madness With Nitro Brackets

Nitrogen Sports Gives Life To March Madness With Nitro Brackets

March is a month that sports fans automatically relate to college basketball. But regardless of the virus spread that forced sporting events this month to reschedule, Nitrogen Sports (Review) goes the extra mile to make sure that this remains a month to remember. We keep the fire alive with the free entry NCAA March Madness bracket and a 0.2 BTC free bet prize.

We were locked and loaded and ready to present the bracket contests. However, after the NCAA announced the cancellation of the tournament, we had to make adjustments of our own. We understand that this is a time to practice caution, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun.

As soon as the bracket closes and all entries are finalized, we then move on to our Twitter Polls to determine each matchup winner until we’re left with the last team standing. Winners of each matchup in the poll will advance to the next round. This is a pretty unique format so expect plenty of ups and downs in this tournament.

Start casting your votes and fill in the brackets from March 13, 2020 (Friday) to March 18, 2020 (Wednesday). You can adjust your selections and update your entries before the deadline. Visit the Nitro Brackets Rules and Regulations for an in-depth look at the competition details.

Take a look at the Rules and Regulations for a rundown of the brackets. Be sure to comply with all the guidelines to avoid the disqualification of entries.

The NCAA March Madness bracket contest features a 0.2 BTC free bet reward, which will be shared by the top 50 players on the Leaderboard.

The coming weeks are going to be challenging. We leave it up to you to determine the first-round Cinderellas. Which teams are going to make it to the Final Four? Are you rooting for last year’s champions or the underdogs? Collect correct predictions and earn more points.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. It’s with great pleasure to inform you that Nitro Brackets features two contests, including a Free Entry and a Betslip Buy-in Entry contest. This is open to all Nitrogen Sports players and even first-timers who want to explore and test the waters of a bracket-style competition.

Despite the cancellation of major sporting events this March, the Nitrogen Sports team cooks up unique promotions that keep you on your toes. The NCAA March Madness bracket promo is only the beginning. Stay in tune for more promotions and contests coming your way.