NFL Super Bowl Bitcoin Betting Guide

The NFL Pro Bowl finished with the AFC all-star team grabbing the win against the NFC all-star team earlier today. Super Bowl LII is just around the corner to cap the NFL 2017-2018 season.

The NFL Super Bowl is always a great time for viewing and Bitcoin betting experiences. Even if you’re a new bettor, the lines offered are easy to understand along with using Bitcoin for your wagers, and betting on Bitcoin American football odds can be done easily. Use this guide to place competitive bets on the coming Super Bowl 52. Furthermore, if you have questions about Bitcoin and how to use it, you can read and learn the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency through our what is Bitcoin guide page.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Guide

First things first, we go through the market lines on how to start your betting options. Basically, most Bitcoin sports betting websites offer these lines, most notably, NitrogenSports.

Moneyline betting – The most simple and straightforward bet. This is where you wager on the team who you think will win the game.

Handicap betting – In the NFL, teams have different strengths and a certain team may be considered dominant over other teams. Bookmakers offer alternative lines called the “spread” to level the playing field. In addition, spread betting became a more popular option because it makes the teams have equal chances in a game. It is also used as a reference point to find out the teams’ chances of winning.

Totals betting – This betting option is based on the total points scored by both teams. It doesn’t matter who wins, but rather the bets are placed on total points. In totals, bets are placed in over in total scored points or under in total scored points.

Props betting – Sportsbooks offer time specific markets in a game and these include each quarter winner, first and second half winner, first touchdown, and individual players or team statistics. In which, bettors can place wagers on these lines for an extra way to more winning chances.

Betting Strategies

After learning the market lines, we can try out different Bitcoin sports betting tips. The first one, devote time to learn and evaluate each team to find out if they have an advantage over other teams. But for beginners, it is advised to place bets on a single team, preferably one that you are familiar with, to avoid confusion and complications. All in all, researching is a huge part of betting. Wherein, collating reliable information could knock your betting off the ground. Again, for those beginners, we offer tips and specific strategies to help your betting selections.