NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams Head To Week 2 – Part 1

NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams Head To Week 2 - Part 1

As the 2018 NFL season goes underway, we take a look at all the 32 teams after Week 1 of the campaign. It’s time to analyze each team, their previous performance, and key points. While it’s too early to formulate any conclusions, this is the first time we’ve witnessed all teams at full throttle and all games are crucial from this point onward. Hence, you’ll see the Chiefs get a plus for a convincing first game win, while the Lions and Titans drop after unseemly losses.

Get a glimpse of all 32 NFL teams and where each one currently stands heading into Week 2. But first, we tackle the first 16 teams on the list:

32. Buffalo Bills

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 47-3 vs Ravens (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Chargers
Key Details: The Nathan Peterman experiment in Buffalo once again delivered negative results.

31. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 24-6 vs Redskins (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Rams
Key Details: The Cardinals all forced to remain calm after recording only six points in Week 1, but they should address offense concerns heading into Week 2.

30. Dallas Cowboys

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 16-8 vs Panthers (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Giants
Key Details: The Cowboys’ offense looked out of shape against the Panthers, with Carolina filling the box, and Dak Prescott deprived of receiving options.]

29. Indianapolis Colts

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 34-23 vs Bengals (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Redskins
Key Details: Andrew Luck’s first regular season game since January 2017 delivered good numbers. The Colts could have won the game if not for a fumbled touchdown pass by tight end Jack Doyle.

28. Detroit Lions

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 48-17 vs Jets (LOSS)
Week 2: vs 49ers
Key Details: Matthew Stafford was nowhere to be found as the Lions took apart the Jets, throwing four interceptions before being pulled for backup Matt Cassel.

27. Tennessee Titans

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 27-20 vs Dolphins (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Texans
Key Details: It was a slow start for the Titans in week 1. Marcus Mariota threw two interceptions with no touchdowns after suffering an elbow injury, while Delanie Walker is out for the season with an ankle injury.

26. Oakland Raiders

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 33-13 vs Rams (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Broncos
Key Details: The Raiders’ started with a bang, but ended up getting outscored, 33-6, for the remainder of the match.

25. Miami Dolphins

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 27-20 vs Titans (WIN)
Week 2: vs Jets
Key Details: 35-year-old running back, Frank Gore, slated to be the number two to Kenyan Drake, out-ran Drake, going 61 yards on nine carries to record an average of 6.8 yards per carry.

24. New York Giants

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 20-15 vs Jaguars (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Cowboys
Key Details: The Giants came up short in front of their home crowd against the Jaguars in Week 1 despite a strong performance from rookie Saquon Barkley.

23. Cleveland Browns

Record: 0-0-1
Week 1: 21-21 vs Steelers (TIE)
Week 2: vs Saints
Key Details: The Browns managed to break out of their year-losing streak without actually winning a game.

22. Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 1-1
Week 1: 34-23 vs Colts (WIN)
Week 2: vs Ravens
Key Details: Andy Dalton and the Bengals held off Andrew Luck’s homecoming on Sunday–is this the year Cincinnati gets its first playoff win since 1990?

21. Seattle Seahawks

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 27-24 vs Broncos (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Bears
Key Details: It seems like the Seahawks still carries out close call carelessness with their offensive line. Russell Wilson was sacked six times by the Broncos for 53 total lost yards.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 48-40 vs Saints (WIN)
Week 2: vs Eagles
Key Details: Ryan Fitzpatrick was unstoppable in Week 1, throwing for 417 yards and four touchdowns.

19. New York Jets

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 48-17 vs Lions (WIN)
Week 2: vs Dolphins
Key Details: Sam Darnold’s first career pass was a disaster after giving it away to the opposing team. But after a pick-6 to start the game, Darnold and the Jets were relentless.

18. Houston Texans

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 27-20 vs Patriots (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Titans
Key Details: The Texans were close to competing with the Patriots, and even showcased a shot at winning the game. Head coach Bill O’Brien has the chance to snatch a win against a division rival in Week 2.

17. Denver Broncos

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 27-24 vs Seahawks (WIN)
Week 2: vs Raiders
Key Details: Von Miller recorded three sacks and four QB hits on Russell Wilson in Week 1. Even after taking a hit with offseason departures, Denver’s defense still looks as tight as ever.

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