NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams Head To Week 2 – Part 2

NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams Head To Week 2 - Part 2

As the 2018 NFL season goes underway, we take a look at all the 32 teams after Week 1 of the campaign. It’s time to analyze each team, their previous performance, and key points. While it’s too early to formulate any conclusions, this is the first time we’ve witnessed all teams at full throttle and all games are crucial from this point onward. Hence, you’ll see the Chiefs get a plus for a convincing first game win, while the Lions and Titans drop after unseemly losses.

After getting a look at the first 16 teams on our list, we complete the 32 NFL teams and finish off with the remaining teams in the top half:

16. Los Angeles Chargers

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 38-28 vs Chiefs (WIN)
Week 2: vs Cardinals
Key Details: The Los Angeles Chargers had to face opposing fans despite playing on their home grounds. It’s a trend that needs to change before the Chargers move to their new shared home stadium with the Rams.

15. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 24-16 vs Vikings (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Lions
Key Details: Jimmy Garoppolo’s winning streak comes to an end, as he faced a tough Vikings defense. However, the 49ers only lost the game by a touchdown, despite having blown opportunities at the goal line and dropped touchdowns.

14. Washington Redskins

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 24-6 vs Cardinals (WIN)
Week 2: vs Colts
Key Details: Alex Smith is beginning to gel well with the Redskins roster, throwing for 255 yards and two touchdowns in his debut game with the team.

13. Baltimore Ravens

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 47-3 vs Bills (WIN)
Week 2: vs Cincinnati Bengals
Key Details: Joe Flacco threw clutch passes and converted it to three touchdowns on 24-of-34 passing for a 121 passer rating.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 0-0-1
Week 1: 21-21 vs Browns (TIE)
Week 2: vs Chiefs
Key Details: The Steelers gave up the turnover battle, 6-1, on Week 1. However, they managed to end the game with a tie on the road.

11. New Orleans Saints

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 48-40 vs Buccaneers
Week 2: vs Browns
Key Details: Since becoming one of the best pass defenses last year, the top-rank team was torn apart by the Bucs with Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the charge, which came as a surprise to NFL fans.

10. Chicago Bears

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 24-23 vs Packers (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Seahawks
Key Details: Before Aaron Rodgers went into a frenzy to take down the Bears, they looked like a developing dominant force. With a sack, a fumble recovery, and an interception that led to a touchdown, Khalil Mack’s record-setting deal began on a high note.

9. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 0-1
Week 1: 18-12 vs Eagles (LOSS)
Week 2: vs Panthers
Key Details: The list of curiosities in the NFL over the last two seasons continues to highlight Matt Ryan’s inability to get Julio Jones the ball in the end zone. Week 1 ended with Rann trying and failing to hit Jones to tie the game.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 21-15 vs Giants (WIN)
Week 2: vs Patriots
Key Details: Leonard Fournette had to leave after going down with an injury and left the Jaguar’s offensive attack with a gaping hole. Nevertheless, Jacksonville’s defense stepped up once again to help beat the Giants in Week 1.

7. Green Bay Packers

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 24-23 vs Bears (WIN)
Week 2: vs Vikings
Key Details: Aaron Rodgers continues to make history with a comeback after leaving the game with an injury. The Packers would be far forward if not for concerns about Rogers’ availability from now on. If he gets the green light, there’s surely no stopping the team.

6. Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 16-8 vs Cowboys
Week 2: vs Falcons
Key Details: Luke Kuechly left the game with an injury but is expected to return shortly. That said, tight end Greg Olsen will miss out a portion of the season after re-fracturing his right foot.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 38-28 vs Chargers (WIN)
Week 2: vs Steelers
Key Details: It seems like Tyreek Hill’s speed works with Patrick Mahome’s arm. Hill recorded 169 receiving yards, two touchdowns, and a 91-yard punt return touchdown.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 18-12 vs Falcons (WIN)
Week 2: vs Buccaneers
Key Details: The Eagles exhausted the Falcons’ red zone offense for the duration of the game, finishing Matt Ryan off once again with a goal-line stop at the end of the match to claim their first win of the season.

3. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 24-16 vs 49ers (WIN)
Week 2: vs Packers
Key Details: As many predicted, the Vikings calmly cruised past Week 1. Their stacked defense provided Jimmy Garoppolo a hard time while Kirk Cousins made good use of the arsenal around him.

2. New England Patriots

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 27-20 vs Texans
Week 2: vs Jaguars
Key Details: Tom Brady continues to feed his underwhelming receiving crew and throw for 277 yards and three touchdowns to end a seamless win over the Texans.

1. Los Angeles Rams

Record: 1-0
Week 1: 33-13 vs Raiders (WIN)
Week 2: vs Cardinals
Key Details: The Rams started the season slowly and trailed early. Despite that, they pitched a shutout in the second half and outscored the Raiders 33-6 following the first drive.

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