NFL Playoffs: Post Wild Card Updated Futures

The NFL Playoffs has begun. It is a time where only the heavyweight teams are alive to complete their ultimate goal of winning the Vince Lombardi trophy and the NFL Champion season 2017-2018 title. We are less than a month away from the Super Bowl LII and before the Wild Card Round began, this was the top-five teams sporting the highest odds to win the upcoming Super Bowl:

  • New England Patriots +210
  • Minnesota Vikings +375
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +525
  • New Orleans Saints +750
  • Los Angeles Rams +900

The Wild Card Round was already completed with these matches:

  • Tennessee Titans win over the Kansas City Chiefs with a score 21-22.
  • The Atlanta Falcons took the Los Angeles Rams to school with a score of 26-13.
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars easily sloped through the Buffalo Bills with a score of 10-3.
  • The New Orleans Saints squeaked through the Carolina Panthers with a score of 31-26.

With the Wild Card results in mind, we can see that the Titans and the Falcons advance to the Divisional Round with upset wins over the Chiefs and the Rams, respectively. Both the Titans and the Falcons were the match underdogs and it seemed like their Bitcoin American football odds were on the shorter end of the stick. But sporting events like this does have the occasional upset every now and then, so some NFL fans might’ve seen these results coming.

As we head to the next round, the updated odds to win the Super Bowl LII are as follows:

  • New England Patriots +175
  • Minnesota Viking +375
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +600
  • New Orleans Saints +650
  • Atlanta Falcons +800

Furthermore, these are each of the qualifying teams’ odds to win their conferences:

American Football Conference:

  • New England Patriots -175
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +200
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +800
  • Tennessee Titans +2500
  • National Football Conference:
  • Minnesota Vikings +140
  • New Orleans Saints +275
  • Atlanta Falcons +375
  • Philadelphia Eagles +500

With the final eight NFL teams left, this opens up more Bitcoin sports betting action that calls for action and entertainment. Especially, when the stakes are this high, these teams won’t allow any room for error and let their winning chances go down the drain without putting up a fight. We’ll be going over the Divisional Round matches in the next release along with the Bitcoin odds and predictions for each match. Remember to keep an eye out for any chances that might occur and be sure to apply the best Bitcoin sports betting tips for more chances of making the right pick.