NFL Betting Tips: Super Bowl LIV Over/Under Pick

NFL Betting Tips: Super Bowl LIV Over/Under Pick

Another interesting fact about the Super Bowl LIV, apart from the soaring ticket prices, is its point spread that is above 54.0. The over only covered one of the past four, but the majority of analysts figure the 49ers and Chiefs will accumulate more than 54.5 points this Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs averaged 31.7 points per game since the beginning of Week 10, while the 49ers have averaged 32.3 since Week 8. More than that, three out of four of the teams’ playoff games featured at least 57 points. This is an impressive feat that displays how both teams peak towards the end of the season.

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Even if the favorites, the 49ers, loses, the game is a guaranteed nail-biter. All three L’s of the 49ers came on the final play and scored over 22 points in 11 of their last 12 games. Surprisingly, the Chiefs are in the same situation. All four losses came by one score only, while the team managed to score over 22 in the 13 straight matches.

If both teams reach the 24-26 range, there might not be much wiggle room for the under.

It’s interesting that the 49ers get most of the votes since most are aware that defense wins championships. However, it is going over, while others are going for the Chiefs partly because previous Super Bowl matches have been track meets but leans closer to under. On one hand, some stay true and stick to San Francisco’s defense and predict that they will formulate game-changing plays that will result in high-scoring affairs. On the other hand, some expect a flurry of attacks with more sustained drivers.

Our take on this is that there will be a slight advantage to the over, which is always a blast to go for in most cases.