13 Nov 2019 • 22:00 ET

Portland Trail Blazers

Toronto Raptors

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Portland Trail Blazers Toronto Raptors 13 Nov
1.92 / 2.35
Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers 13 Nov
4.50 / 1.31
Cleveland Cavaliers Miami Heat 14 Nov
2.17 / 1.73
New York Knicks Dallas Mavericks 14 Nov
3.78 / 1.41
Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls 14 Nov
1.17 / 7.90
Phoenix Suns Atlanta Hawks 14 Nov
1.43 / 3.50
Denver Nuggets Brooklyn Nets 14 Nov
1.32 / 4.04

The Golden State Warriors are based in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California.


Sacramento Kings Portland Trail Blazers 107 - 99
Atlanta Hawks Denver Nuggets 125 - 121
Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns 123 - 115
Utah Jazz Brooklyn Nets 119 - 114
Chicago Bulls New York Knicks 120 - 102
Detroit Pistons Miami Heat 108 - 117
Away (Points) Home (Points) 0 - 0

Eastern Conference
W L Pct GB Conf Home Away L10 Strk
1Boston CelticsCeltics81.8890.04-04-16-18-1W8
2Miami HeatHeat73.7001.54-03-34-07-3W1
3Milwaukee BucksBucks73.7001.52-15-23-27-3W1
4Philadelphia 76ers76ers73.7001.54-03-35-07-3W2
5Toronto RaptorsRaptors73.7001.54-03-33-27-3L1
6Indiana PacersPacers74.6362.05-12-36-47-3W4
7Charlotte HornetsHornets46.4004.52-32-32-24-6L3
8Cleveland CavaliersCavaliers46.4004.52-22-44-54-6L1
9Atlanta HawksHawks46.4004.52-42-22-44-6W1
10Brooklyn NetsNets46.4004.53-21-41-24-6L2
11Chicago BullsBulls47.3645.02-32-43-54-6W1
12Detroit PistonsPistons48.3335.53-31-54-73-7L3
13Orlando MagicMagic37.3005.53-30-42-43-7L1
14Washington WizardsWizards26.2505.51-31-31-22-6L2
15New York KnicksKnicks29.1827.01-31-61-72-8L2
Western Conference
W L Pct GB Conf Home Away L10 Strk
1Los Angeles LakersLakers82.8000.04-14-15-18-2W1
2Utah JazzJazz83.7270.56-02-35-37-3W4
3Houston RocketsRockets73.7001.03-14-25-07-3W4
4Los Angeles ClippersClippers73.7001.06-11-25-27-3W2
5Denver NuggetsNuggets73.7001.03-24-14-27-3L1
6Dallas MavericksMavericks64.6002.02-34-13-26-4L1
7Phoenix SunsSuns64.6002.04-32-14-36-4L1
8Minnesota TimberwolvesTimberwolves64.6002.02-24-21-26-4W1
9San Antonio SpursSpurs55.5003.04-31-23-35-5L2
10Sacramento KingsKings46.4004.02-32-32-44-6W2
11Portland Trail BlazersTrail Blazers47.3644.51-33-43-54-6L1
12Oklahoma City ThunderThunder47.3644.54-30-43-44-6L2
13Memphis GrizzliesGrizzlies37.3005.02-41-32-43-7W1
14New Orleans PelicansPelicans28.2006.01-41-41-52-8L1
15Golden State WarriorsWarriors29.1826.51-51-42-82-8L4

We are now on our way to the 2018-19 NBA season, the 73rd year of the association since it began its path as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1946. It merged with the National Basketball League (NBL) 3 years after to finally change its moniker to the NBA. Throughout history, the NBA has always been a league that many sports historians called “teams of the era”.

The NBA’s popularity and rise in American culture easily gave way to fame and money. Continuing today and after a wave of expansion, the NBA has provided the world’s biggest basketball community to sports enthusiasts everywhere. Who would want to miss a basketball game with the best athletes on the planet? Every NBA final is regarded as one of the highest rated and most watched sports events in the world, reaching more than 750 million households in over 200 countries through NBATV, ESPN, ABC, and local television networks. Everyone, home or away from home, anticipate the tournament among 30 men’s professional basketball teams representing major cities across the United States and Canada, their Western and Eastern conferences, and other six divisions.

From late October to early June, the NBA schedule allows the competing teams to play a total of 1,230 games. The regular season consists of each team playing 82 games–41 at home and 41 away. At the end of the season, the top 8 winners of each of the division is decided by win-loss records. The team holding the best records are given spots in the playoffs. Succeeding that, the teams could possibly play a total of 28 games in a best-of-seven elimination tournament format. Winners of the playoffs in both Western and Eastern conferences then advance to the NBA finals to play a best-of-seven finals series.

Currently dominating the standings, or what we can call as three of the most successful teams in league history, are the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers (formerly known as the Minneapolis Lakers). Both teams won 17 and 16 titles respectively. However, the team that will defend their title in the upcoming season is the Golden State Warriors.


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