NBA Western Conference Finals | Rockets vs Warriors Game 2 Recap

NBA Western Conference Finals | Rockets vs Warriors Game 2 Recap

The Rockets stunned the Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals after 127-105 win to make the score even. Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni maintained that his team didn’t have to revamp their strategy in Game 2. All they had to do was improve their current game plan.

While the Rockets might not have been a different team, their basketball was effective enough to take down the mighty Warriors in Game 2. They did showcase a different level of pace and force both in the offensive and defensive side. This paid off well and significantly improved their ball movement and resulted to more confident and sure shots. More than that, the team was able to distribute the shots evenly rather than relying on star player James Harden force shots.

Both Eric Gordon and James Harden recorded 27 points for the Rockets in Game 2 while PJ Tucker added 22 points. With the Warriors suffering turnover after turnover, the Rockets capitalized on this and slowly pulled away in the second quarter.In all, the Warriors committed 15 turnovers.

By the second half, the Rockets already took off. They were in a rhythm that the Warriors couldn’t keep up with. Durant had 38 points but failed to make a statement during the game. Curry only recorded 16 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists while the rest of the team were locked down by the Rockets’ excellent defense.

Although Game 1 did spark more doubts against the Rockets, they were able to make up for that after a stellar performance in Game 2. For sure, neither the Rockets nor the Warriors will back down from this fight, and expect more eventful matches to come your way. We’ve got ourselves a series here.

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