The 2018 NBA Finals: Four In A Row For The Warriors & The Cavaliers

After the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the Finals for three straight years, die-hard fans and aficionados might have opted for a different route in this year’s NBA Finals featuring the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets. However, we’re about to see the fourth face-off between the Cavaliers and the Warriors after both exhausted all of the seven games in the Conference Finals to win in their respective divisions.

Is It The Same Old Story?

There is a compelling argument to be made for these two teams, though. Basketball is a sport that has rivalries in its lifeblood, and with four consecutive Finals clashes, there’s no question that this is history in the making. Some even say that this might be the second-best rivalry next to the Celtics-Lakers story. Adding to the thrill is the fact that this is the first time two teams made it to the Finals four times in a row, and tales like this only comes once in a blue moon.

On LeBron’s side, you can say that he continues to make a name for himself in the industry after carrying the Cavs to the 2018 NBA Finals. This season might prove to be a tough test for him. He spearheads a team with a rather unpredictable supporting cast, which is why we see him do the heavy lifting most of the time. Can his squad make a difference and endure the famous Warriors offense to even the score?

Meanwhile, the Warriors currently operate without the services of Andre Iguodala in Game 5, 6, and 7 of the Western Conference Finals. They were only able to flick the switch after chasing a 2-3 deficit. Furthermore, some say that their offense is not as smooth as it used to be in the past three years. But defensively, it looks like they elevated their game and delivers results as needed.

What To Look Out For?

There are three questions that are raised here. First and foremost, the age-old question asks who guards LeBron? With Iguodala out of commission, we might see Draymond Green fill this gap, or maybe even David West.

Next question, who guards Durant? The bottomless pit of attacking players Golden State has is always a problem for their opponents. Other than Durant, there’s still Curry, Thompson, Green, and other forwards who can take care of the offensive side for the Warriors. Nonetheless, it looks like the fitting player for this task might fall into the hands of Jeff Green.

Last but not least, will the games conclude in the third quarter? The Cavaliers have a bad habit of coming out flat in the third quarter. In contrast, the Warriors have been relentless in the third. This is an issue that the 2016 NBA champions have to address should they want to remain in contention.

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