Jurgen Klopp Under Pressure To Win The 2018/19 Premier League Title

Jurgen Klopp admits there will be more weight on his shoulders this 2018/19 Premier League campaign as he is expected to win his first League trophy with the Reds this season.

The German will celebrate his third year as manager in October and, although he has elevated the game of Liverpool as well as brought plenty of excitement to Anfield, so far he is yet to deliver additional silverware to the team’s trophy case.

Liverpool have lost in three finals under Kopp, including the Europa League, the League Cup, and the recently-concluded Champions League final last season.

His Liverpool credentials feature several high-profile signings. This season, Klopp managed to sign Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker after a record-breaking deal, midfielders Naby Keita and Fabinho, and winger Xherdan Shaqiri.

The Liverpool manager articulated, “People will say that. It is the next step and we need to be ready for that. I cannot give guarantees here but I understand if people think that. I know about the expectations and that is completely normal.”

“First of all we have to play the football that gives us an opportunity to win something. We cannot talk about winning something before we start the season.

“Other teams, of course, will do transfer business as well. They will not be weaker than last year. City brought in (Riyad) Mahrez. I did not hear that they lost one player so far. So it means the quality of last year plus Mahrez.

Klopp added, “That’s a nice plan as well. United will go for it, too, and that’s completely normal.”

The former German Bundesliga manager has been doubling his efforts to have new arrivals Keita and Fabinho gel with the squad, with Shaqiri already showing promise prior to his performance against Manchester United, which the Reds won 4-1.

Some names remain in the shadows, but Klopp said he is taking his time to make sure that the team walks into the pitch 100%. The new players are expected to fortify the hopes of Liverpool winning the league. However, Klopp cited that the entire process will take time. He added, “It is all about staying calm, looking at the situation, judging it right and then make the step.”