Houston Astros Win The World Series For The First Time

Houston Astros Win The World Series For The First Time

For the first time ever in MLB history, the Houston Astros are world champions after a grueling 7-game World Series against the LA Dodgers. The Astros won with a 5-1 score of a dominating Game 7 that pretty much closed it after a 5 run in the first two innings.

Hurricane Harvey Serves As Inspiration

Houston is in its 56th season and after succumbing to Hurricane Harvey, the city recovered and uses the disaster as an inspiration for their co-Houstonians to bring happiness. The players know that they’ve done their part in bringing that joy. The Astros came from a rebuilding process that started in 2011. During the process, the Astros has lost over 310 games in the next three seasons. With that, they were +1500 odds to win the World Series at the beginning of the 2017 Major League Baseball (MLB) season. But at the final game of the series and the 2017 season, the Dodgers were favored with -160 odds to win the World Series and the Astros completed the upset with +140 odds. That being said, the MLB is a much different league due to its unpredictability. Any team has the chance to vie for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Remember the start of the season where the Chicago Cubs were +350 odds to win the World Series after winning last year’s rodeo? Well, that’s expected and as the offseason comes in, there will be tons of trade transactions and the odds are likely to change as well. But at the end of the MLB season, both the Astros and the Dodgers are tied with +500 odds to win the 2018 World Series. It is a long time for now, and placing Bitcoin bets on the Houston-based squad to make a back-to-back championship run isn’t viable until we get to know their roster, so hold onto your bitcoins for now.

World Series MVP

Outfielder George Springer was the favorite to win the individual award with +150 odds and he did win the Willie Mays Award. Springer tied the World Series record of hitting 5 home runs in a series and logged 29 total bases and eight extra-base hits. Springer was also the winning dynamic of Game 7 when he hit a double and a home run helping to score two of the five total points.