Hockey Fans Rejoice! Here Are The 2020 Stanley Cup Odds

The 2019-20 NHL regular season is about to come to a close. This means the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs is just around the corner. This means great storylines, glory, and upsets for the. With that on the table, we also have the hottest NHL odds coming our way. Let’s take a look at a comprehensive list of the 2020 Stanley Cup odds.

Futures odds

Of course, people are going to be looking for the defending champions. However, previous winners, the St. Louis Blues have the Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas Stars breathing down their neck. All three teams have a good chance of clinching a playoff spot. On top of that, the wildcard spot is also up for grabs. This makes the Stanley Cup odds 2020 list even more exciting.

Some of the prospects this season are Metropolitan Division leaders Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Both teams are ahead of their group rivals as well. Meanwhile, the Pacific Division has more candidates vying for the division, including the Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, Vancouver Canucks, Arizona Coyotes, and the Calgary Flames. What makes this Stanley Cup even more exciting is that the playoffs can feature up to five Pacific teams.