Enter The Future Of Sportsbooks: Sims Sports Betting

Enter The Future Of Betting: Sims Sports Betting

The sports world took a halt due to the pandemic, but despite these trying times,  top sportsbooks were able to provide alternative options for those looking to satisfy their sports betting cravings, which is currently led by simulation sports.

Simulation Sports Explained

Simulations put two AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) in a match. This means there’s no human intervention happening between the two computers. All simulation matches happen within familiar games like NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, and Madden NFL 20. Top sportsbooks that offer sims sports betting provide a stream for the bettors via Twitch.

This is definitely a new direction for Bitcoin betting and online sports in general, but it’s easy to admit that it gives another perspective to betting and how it can be incorporated into the virtual world.

Betting options

Just like traditional betting, you also get a variety of sports bet types with sims sports. Sportsbooks offer Bitcoin odds on spreads, moneylines, and totals for tilts. You can also bet on which team scores first, which player scores the first touchdown in a Madden NFL 20 match or the player who scores the winning goal in FIFA.

Much like sports betting we’re all familiar with, you can predict what might happen next during the game. You can even make new second-half bets with fresh lines. The diversity that sims sports betting offers is up to the mark. On top of that, there’s plenty of opportunities for sports betting enthusiasts and first-timers to win a few bets and grow their bankrolls.


One unique trait of sims sports betting is the fact that you can place handicaps similar to real-life situations. For example, a team that has a low defensive rating goes up against the best offensive team in the league, sportsbooks recognize this and place handicaps accordingly.


Of course, since sims sports betting is new to the industry, the question of fairness will come up. This is a legitimate concern considering that the streams are run by sportsbooks. However, the results are completely out of anyone’s hands as the computer will be responsible for all results. Keep in mind that the sliders are at the default setting so one team doesn’t get an unfair advantage over the other.

Betting on simulation sports

The best way to start your sims sports betting journey is with the best brands. Some of the pioneer sportsbooks in this game include Nitrogen Sports and Bovada. These sites usually have several sims sports betting markets to offer such as NBA 2K20 odds, NHL 20, and Madden NFL 20. More than that, what makes it even more exciting is the fact that they can pit two teams from different eras. For example, if you stand by your opinion that the 1996 Chicago Bulls can beat the current Los Angeles Lakers roster, now is the time to capitalize on your predictions.