Donovan Mitchell Jumps Up The ROY Futures Odds

Donovan Mitchell Jumps Up The ROY Futures Odds

Welcome to the midseason of the NBA. We’re already past the 40-game mark, and if we take a look at the conference standings right now, we can see that the unusual start of the season is now back to normal. But, a few people would consider that Donovan Mitchell—the 13th overall pick—is one of the frontrunners for the Rookie of the Year (ROY) award a bit unusual.

In the early parts of the season, we predicted that the race for the ROY award was one-sided, and will be claimed by Ben Simmons. From the looks of it now, the race for the award is different from the early season predictions. Basing on updated Bitcoin futures odds, the early season favorites dropped a few spots and surprise candidates, players who weren’t in the conversation before, are now within the top favorites to win the award.

Donovan Mitchell From Out Of Nowhere

Donovan Mitchell holds the second spot to win the award with +400 odds. Preseason futures odds for Mitchell to win was +1,400, behind Lonzo Ball, Smith, Fultz, Fox, and Tatum. But now, Mitchell climbed through the ranks and is now making the push to win with a high percentage. Ben Simmons is still the favorite to win the award with -650 odds. Ball, who was the favorite to win the award at the start of the season, is now at the sixth spot with +4,000 odds. It seems as though Ball was overhyped by his father, Lavar. We may have to wait until Lonzo develops to become the player he’s said to be. Lastly, another surprise candidate was included in the list, Kyle Kuzma who is behind Mitchell with +2,000 odds.

If you think that Mitchell sits unbelievably high on this list, let us tell you why the rookie deserves to be in nomination for the award. Mitchell, leads the Jazz in minutes played with 31.2 minutes, he leads in points-per-game with 18.5 points, he also leads in usage rates with 28 percent and is second in field-goal percentage with 43.9%.

The Jazz lost a big piece of their roster when Gordon Hayward left to sign with the Celtics. And even though the Jazz is struggling with a 16-24 win-loss record, they are the 10th team in the West. If you think about it, especially since Rudy Gobert lost a lot of playing time, Mitchell surely contributed a lot to his team winning 16 games out of 40. With the other half of the season to go and if Mitchell continues his stellar play, the Jazz could still make the push to advance to the playoffs, which can easily shift the Bitcoin basketball odds.

Bitcoin Futures Betting

We have watched Mitchell and Simmons for about 40 games now and if you’re confident to place Bitcoin sports bets on the Winner of the Rookie of the Year award in June, we think now is the time to do so. The choices are between these two prolific rookies and we have made our case on why we think Mitchell should take the award home.