Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Aggravates Ankle Injury in Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs supporters are holding their breath after their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, suffered a setback during Super Bowl LVII, worsening his ankle injury late in the second quarter, generating considerable anxiety for the team’s prospects of winning.

The play was doomed from the start, with a low snap from center Creed Humphrey throwing off the timing. Scrambling out of the pocket on third-and-long, Mahomes was tackled around the ankles by Eagles’ linebacker T.J. Edwards. The hit seemed to be the cause of the aggravation, as Mahomes stayed down on the field for a moment before limping to the sideline.

Despite being in a great deal of pain, Mahomes was able to stand on the sideline by the one-minute mark in the second quarter. It remains to be seen how the injury will impact his performance in the second half.

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Backup on the Chiefs?

In the event that Mahomes is unable to continue, the Chiefs’ backup on the depth chart is veteran quarterback Chad Henne. Henne stepped up and played well in a touchdown drive when Mahomes was injured in the Divisional round, but everyone is hoping that the NFL MVP can shake off the injury and lead the team to victory.

The injury to Patrick Mahomes is a major concern for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. Despite the setback, the team will be hoping for a miracle performance from their star quarterback or a solid showing from backup Chad Henne. Either way, the Chiefs and their fans are hoping for a positive outcome and a successful conclusion to their championship run.

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