Celtics’ Hayward Injured: What Are The Celtics Odds To Win The NBA Championship?

Celtics’ Hayward Injured: What Are The Celtics Odds To Win The NBA Championship?

“One of the worst injuries I’ve seen” Celtics teammate, Kyrie Irving said during the post-game interview after the Cavs beat the Celtics, 102-99. Just a little after the 6-minute mark hit during the first quarter of the opening day of the NBA 2017-2018 season, Hayward suffered a dislocated ankle and broken tibia, in his first ever game as a member of the Boston Celtics.

As Hayward completed an alley-oop play from a pass by Kyrie Irving, he landed awkwardly on his left leg and as soon as he hit the floor and could not pick himself up. His injury was somewhat similar to Paul George’s leg injury during the FIBA World Cup scrimmage back in 2014. Hayward had to be placed on a stretcher and was immediately put on a plane back to Boston, after concluding required checkups and tests on his ankle.

How Do The Celtics’ Odds To Win The Championship Look Like Now?

The Boston Celtics were tagged as one of the Eastern Conference’s contenders and bear the best chances of beating its conference rival, Cleveland Cavaliers. With great offseason acquisitions like Hayward, Irving, and other good prospects, the Celtics logged +1000 odds on most Bitcoin sportsbooks, to win the NBA championship and now, after the injury, we’ll likely see those odds go higher. In addition, there is still no timeline to when Hayward will return to action but from the looks of the injury, it doesn’t seem to be a quick return. The Boston Celtics still have the players who can attempt to dethrone the King and the Cavs at the East Conference, but without Hayward, it’ll be tough.

Luckily for Bitcoin sports bettors, it is still early in the season and you can take measures to alter your bets. With the many betting options available, you can find market lines that may profit better. For example, some Bitcoin sportsbooks placed Boston Celtics head coach, Brad Stevens, with +400 odds to win the NBA Coach of the Year award. And there are still more Bitcoin betting options to find. In the end, though, it is very unfortunate for the Celtics and we hope the best and for a fast recovery for Hayward.