The Cavs Are Worst Bets Of The Season, While Nets Are Best

The Cavs Are Worst Bets Of The Season, While Nets Are Best

The Cavs and the Nets are both classified differently in terms of dominance. The former is an NBA champion team and the latter is a bottom-of-the-barrel team. But why did the Cavs—a champion team and have the services of the greatest basketball player of this era, LeBron James—become the worst team to place Bitcoin bets on this season? On the other hand, why is the Brooklyn Nets—currently sitting at the 13th spot of the East—hold better Bitcoin basketball odds this season?

To save you time doing research, we will base our data from ATS records of both teams to figure out why the Cavs isn’t a good team to place bets on and why the Nets is a better team to for spread lines bets.

Bitcoin Betting On The Cavs

The Cavs faced plenty of drama this past couple of weeks and obviously, have struggled after a continuous series of losses and also surrendered the services of forward and source of blame, Kevin Love to a hand injury. Even if they have the 3rd spot in the East with a 31-22 record, they are 15-37-1 in the ATS. To further emphasize, they are worse when playing home games according to the ATS with 6-20-1 and when on the road, they are a bit better with a 9-17 record. Moreover, when tagged as the underdog, they are 6-4 in the ATS and when tagged as favorites, which they hold most of the time, they are at a disappointing 8-33-1. Stats don’t lie and this shows that placing Bitcoin point spread bets on the Cavs’ isn’t the best idea at all times.

Bitcoin Betting On The Nets

The Nets continue tank-a-palooza and have lost 4 games straight and are 2-8 in their last 10 games. Placing a wager on the money line market for this team wouldn’t make sense right? It’s a good thing you can make up for this with spreads. Brooklyn is the second-best spread bet this season with a total of 33-21-2. Additionally, when the Nets are underdogs, which they are, for the most part, they stand 28-15-2 but are 5-6 when logged as favorites. Furthermore, they are much reliable when playing on the road. With a 17-9-1 record and an ample 16-12-1 when playing at the Barclays Center, they do present decent winning opportunities. So, let the Nets tank the season but don’t forget that spread bets are your best option for the NBA team.