Warriors Face Rockets, Cavs In & Boston Fights 76ers For A Conference Finals Spot

Warriors Face Rockets, Cavs In & Boston Fights 76ers For A Conference Finals Spot

The 2018 NBA Conference Finals something we basketball lovers are looking forward to watching. Can Golden State defend the title? Will LeBron reclaim the title from the Warriors? Are we set to witness new champions? Plenty of questions and possibilities surround this season, and all fans are surely in for a treat.

Warriors And Rockets Advance To Western Conference Finals

The Houston Rockets secured a spot in the Western Conference Finals after taking down the Utah Jazz in Game 5. Similarly, the Golden State Warriors closed out the New Orleans Pelicans in Game 5.

It’s been a dream season for the Houston Rockets. The recently-acquired Chris Paul helped the team claim the Western Conference first seed. They took down both the Timberwolves and Jazz with ease after cruising with 4-1 victories in Round 1 and Round 2 of the playoffs, respectively.

Meanwhile. Golden State was able to get by without making as many changes. They retained their core team, which happens to be last year’s NBA Champions. In fact, their team is more than enough to cruise to a 58-24 win-loss record without exhausting the players.

However, it’s a different story for the Rockets once Game 1 begins. There’s no denying that Golden State is the favorite to win here. To get by, Harden and Paul have to be on top of their game and continue their dominance. With the Warriors being good at both defending and attacking, the Rockets have to shut down the lanes as well.

The Warriors collectively have a rich postseason past, and they know all the highs and lows. They’ve gone through a lot, and there aren’t a lot of ways to shake them, even against a strong team like the Rockets. Golden State exhibits tremendous versatility, depth, and great coaching staff, which can be very intimidating to go against. Can the Rockets find their tempo and pull off an upset?

Game 1 is on May 14, at the Rockets’ home court, Toyota Center.

Cleveland Picks Up Speed

It took the Cavaliers a while before they found their momentum in the playoffs. After a close call against the Pacers, they were able to squeeze through the second round of the playoffs. This time though, it was a different story.

Hopes were high for the Toronto Raptors as they finished the regular season on top of the Eastern Conference table with 59 wins and 23 losses. A comfortable 4-2 victory against the Washington Wizards in Round 1 meant enough rest for the Raptors before heading to Round 2.

On the other hand, Cleveland had to endure a 7-game skirmish against the Pacers. This meant less time to recover before facing the Raptors. But, LeBron and company are no pushovers, and their significantly dominant background against the Raptors during postseason fueled their craving for a win even more. In the end, they embarrassed the Raptors and added another dominating playoffs sweep to their tally.

76ers vs Celtics

Only one Conference Semifinals match remain before the NBA Conference Finals matchups take form. The 76ers avoided a sweep after beating Boston 103-92 in Game 4. The 76ers have 3 more games to prove themselves. If they do overcome the Celtics, they will make history and become the first NBA team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a playoffs series.

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