Can Nick Foles Lead The Eagles To A Super Bowl Win?

Can Nick Foles Lead The Eagles To A Super Bowl Win?

Before Carson Wentz went out with a season-ending injury, the Philadelphia Eagles were part of the top NFL teams conversations. The performance of Wentz was at an MVP-caliber, leading the Eagles out of mediocrity. But, we all know how that played out after he suffered a torn ACL against the Rams back in December. Philadelphia fans threw the towel in and gave up aspirations for the team–not Nick Foles though.

Nick Foles Leading The Eagles

Foles led the Eagles surge as underdogs when expectations were low and of course, they add another Super Bowl appearance to the franchise’s list of achievements. It doesn’t stop there. They face a mighty and legendary New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII. How can Nick Foles and the Eagles take down this consistent team?

Foles played a train wreck season with the St. Louis Rams back in 2015. But, it doesn’t mean he lacks talent either. He might not have fit in with the Jeff Fisher’s offensive strategies. Foles likes to heave the ball and show off his cannon throws, making it perfect for Doug Pederson’s aggressive offense.

The six-year quarterback flourished after taking Wentz spot. He threw seven touchdowns that averaged 21 yards per catch. This explosive style of playmaking might make the Patriots secondary lineup worry. Foles needs to take his shots and it might just be enough to lead the Eagles’ offense to beat the Patriots.

Eagles Defense

The offense is only one part of football and the Eagles need to work on their defense. This is where their league-high defensive rating comes in. Their defense allowed the fewest rushing yards in the league and their constant pressure led Philly to grab the fourth-ranked takeaways during the regular season. The Eagles should pressure Brady as it is a found weakness in the Patriots offense. After Brady returned from his 4-game suspension in the regular season, New England’s win-loss record is 20-2 when Brady is sacked. To be specific, the Pats are 8-3 whenever Brady gets sacked. It is a large winning percentage, but it is a weakness the Eagles can exploit.

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The underdog Eagles match up well against the Patriots even if the Bitcoin American football odds say otherwise. It’s all up to Nick Foles and the Eagles’ defense to grab the Vince Lombardi trophy. Prepare your Bitcoin betting and predictions for Super Bowl 52.