Why The Boston Celtics Is The Best NBA Team To Bet On

Why The Boston Celtics Is The Best NBA Team To Bet On

We’re halfway into the NBA season where the playoff is looming in closer. This is where Bitcoin basketball odds for the NBA heats up even more. Every team has only over 40 games left to play. With that, you can still place bets on the teams that have proven to be profitable picks, and one of the best teams to bet on this season is the Boston Celtics. Look into the facts that make the Celts this season’s top choice among bettors–not just the team’s chances of winning the championship, but also their good ATS (Against The Spread) numbers.

Boston Celtics ATS Record

The Green and Black began the season on the wrong foot after losing one of their biggest offseason acquisitions, Gordon Hayward, during their first game of the season. However, this presented a good opportunity for the Celtics’ bench players to take on more responsibilities as well as Brad Stevens to maximize his players. All of this allowed Boston to hold a 40-19 record this season, second in the east. Although the team recently lost three consecutive games, behind the Celts’ struggles remain good Bitcoin sports betting websites odds options

Boston is 34-23-2 in the ATS, at 59.6 percent, and display fine statistics in other departments as well. They are 16-14-2 when playing at the TD Garden and have a 50 percent winning chance when playing road games with 18-9. On the other hand, the Celtics are 11-2 when they are logged as the underdogs, which isn’t the case most of the time as they are 11-2 ATS. This means they have better chances of upsetting teams when playing as the underdogs.

A Look At The Future

Moreover, the +1,200 price for the Boston Celtics to win the NBA Championship this season offers good value. After the Cavs went through their midseason drama and made roster moves, their future took a slight turn. Even though they have LeBron James and have played really well before the break, it’s too soon to claim anything for the Cavs. On the other hand, the Celtics are in a bright spot to claim the Eastern Conference title and make a run for the NBA Finals if the Cavs continue to struggle. One thing is for sure here. If the Celts and Cavs meet at the East Finals, Kyrie Irving will face his former team in a high stakes playoff series. Now, that’s a good game to place a Bitcoin sports bet on.