Bitcoin Sportsbook Bonus

Many sportsbooks are continually popping out of nowhere like mushrooms. With the tough competition among them, they use different strategies to entice new bettors of choosing their Bitcoin sportsbook, one of which is by offering various kinds of a Bitcoin sportsbook bonus. The first thing you see when you’re on a sports betting site is a welcome or deposit bonus, or free bets. It is an effective strategy because bettors are welcomed with such nice offers that you will be tempted to try it out. Sports betting sites which are known for providing bettors with the best bonuses are: SportsBet, CloudBet, and Betcoin Sports.

Types of sportsbook Bonuses

The most common types of Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses feature the following: No Deposit bonus, Welcome bonus, Depositbonus, Referral bonus and Reduced Juice. The No Deposit bonus is popular among bettors because it doesn’t require you to deposit yet. This is always offered when you sign up or when there are sporting events like the NFL Super Bowl which allows bettors to place wagers on the NFL with Bitcoins.

As already mentioned, the most common type of Bitcoin sportsbook bonus is the Welcome bonus. You have to deposit a certain amount of bitcoins according to the platform’s requirements. Meanwhile, the Deposit bonus is a percentage bonus depending on the number Bitcoins you deposit over a period of time. The Referral bonus is given to bettors who refer the Bitcoin sportsbook to their friends who eventually sign up and make a deposit. Both the bettor his friends receive a handsome bonus for it Lastly, the Reduced Juice is the amount charged to bettors for having their bets processed. By offering this, bettors can place their wagers which increase their winning chances on specific sports events.

Sportsbook bonus mechanics

Usually, when claiming a Bitcoin sportsbook bonus, you will have to make a deposit. But in some sportsbooks, there are free bets available even before depositing. To claim your bonus, make a deposit using your Bitcoin sportsbook account. Once it is processed, your bonus will show in your account balance. On the other hand, there are certain promotions that do not ask for a deposit at all. While the conditions that apply to these bonuses may vary, looking for one is still worth it.