Sports Bet Types

When you end up on a sportsbook, ready to make your first bet, there are still some factors you need to consider. You shouldn’t recklessly roam around a platform clicking on stuff you don’t know about. Things like this should also be well-thought of. You’re putting your money on the line here. One factor you should bother learning about is the different sports bet types. To get you started, this Bitcoin sports betting guide will help you in familiarizing yourself with the various bet types you could make.

Money line

The first one on the list of Bitcoin sports bet types is the money line. Other terms for it are head to head, match odds, and 2 way. Money line simply refers to the kind of bet in which you will bet on the outcome of a game. You will choose a team you think will win a game. Some sports include a draw option which is often referred to as a 3 way or a 1×2.

Draw No Bet

In a draw no bet, you will still choose a team you think is going to win. What makes this bet different is that the bet will be canceled and your stake will be refunded if there is a draw. This option is popular among games such as soccer and cricket where draws commonly occur. This bet is not offered in Bitcoin basketball odds and Bitcoin baseball odds where there are no draws.

Totals over/under

Another one in the list of Bitcoin sports bet types is totals over/under. In this type of bet, the “over/under” are often written as “+/-”. This type of betting allows you to place a bet whether the total game points will be greater or lower than a specific number. A .5 is often added to the number of points to make it impossible for a draw to occur. The added .5 is called a hook. This type of bet can be applied to anything that you can count, and not just limited to a score. You can even use this bet when it comes to quarterback sacks in an NFL game.

Other bet types

Other than the aforementioned common Bitcoin sports bet types, there are still other options you should know about. The Futures refer to the type of bet you place on a season or tournament’s overall winner. A Points Spread will let you bet on your favorite that is handicapped a certain number of points. In Parlays, a series of individual bets will make up a single large bet. If a bet loses, the other bets also lose.

Sports Bet Types