Point Spread

The mechanics of sports betting is pretty simple. You should just be familiar with some key terms that are essential for you to place wagers. In no time, you could fully understand how to bet on sports events by following a Bitcoin sports betting guide. One thing you should know of is the different types of sports bet. One bet type that is common among US sports is the point spread. The most popular sport for this type of bet is American football.

This is one of the many Bitcoin sports bet types that can easily bring a thrilling experience for some events because you won’t just be rooting for your favorite team, you will have to know if they could still win even if they are a few points behind before the game even starts. That being said, the underdog team is be initially given a certain number of points. With this point spread, the games become fair and square.

Odds and hook

Because the point spread is applied based on the betting community’s judgment of which team is better, the Bitcoin odds become 50:50 or pick’em, which means equal for both teams. This makes it possible for the favorite to cover the spread. When a draw happens, all the bets are refunded. To prevent this from happening, .5 will be added to the point spread. This half-point is called the hook. It brings bettors to only one side of the line or the other. If you don’t want the hook, it means you are taking the under. If you want the hook, it means you are taking the points and taking the under.

Asian handicap

In an Asian handicap, a head start or a handicap is given to a soccer team. This is applied to make it impossible for a draw to occur. A head start of .5 or the hook is given to the underdog team. A 2 Way Asian handicap like Chelsea -1.5 and -2 means half of your wager will be added to Chelsea 1.5 while the other half will be added to Chelsea -2. Sometimes, this will come out as Chelsea -1.75, so you have to be observant for you to see if there is an Asian handicap listed as Home +.25. This will make your bet split in half as Home +0 and half as Home +0.5. Take note of this handicap as this will make the difference in your bets.

Point Spread