Betting on sports events could be a lot of fun especially that a lot of Bitcoin sports betting sites keep appearing like mushrooms. Following sports events with money at stake makes the experience more thrilling. With different types of bet you could make, you’ll never get bored with sports betting. You just have to make sure you are at a reputable site before deciding to place bets. To start your betting journey, you better read a Bitcoin sports betting guide. With such guide, you will get to know all the types of bet you could possibly make including parlays.

A series of individual bets combined forming one large bet are called parlays. These are also called multiple bets and accumulators. Such type of bet makes it possible to increase the Bitcoin odds. However, if a single bet loses, the whole parlay is also lost. When used correctly, this bet becomes very powerful. If all your wagers align with the outcome, your parlay is certain to win bitcoins with sports betting and its thrills. If there is a tie of one or more of the selections, the payout will be reduced to having those selections not being included. Because the parlay depends on the success of all bets, this type of bet is very hard to win. To make up for its difficulty, the payouts are extremely high. It is what makes this bet very attractive for bettors.

True odds

When a Bitcoin sports betting websites do not pay out true odds, you can still address these issues. A sportsbook could only manipulate odds if your bets come in at -110. But if you choose a single bet that is not -110, the sportsbook will be forced to calculate true odds. This leaves a huge impact on your long-term profits.

Types of Parlays

There are variations of parlays you should get acquainted with. One is an open parlay. It is a type of parlay that doesn’t need to be finished all at once. With this, you could choose a few games then add more games later to that parlay. You can start the two games and once you win both, you can add more games to the parlay at a later date. Most betting sites allow you to either fill all the open slots or fill it individually. Another type is the progressive parlay. It permits you to win as long as you pick correctly on your ticket a certain threshold of games. That being said, you could win the parlay and still be able to pick some games incorrect. The amount of money you earn will depend on the number of games you get correct. The last type of parlays is the multi-chance parlay. It is same as the progressive play. The only difference here is that you receive the same amount regardless how far over the threshold you are.