Bitcoin Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting can be intriguing now that more and more online gamblers are filling up the spaces. Although it looks fun to try, it could be a bit overwhelming for beginners, especially that money is at stake. Once you address the fear of losing, Bitcoin sports betting can really be rewarding. Not only you get to enjoy betting on your favorite sports, you also have a chance to bring home big payouts if done right. If you really want to to try sports betting and not lose foolishly, follow this Bitcoin sports betting guide.

Betting odds

To get started with this guide for Bitcoin sports betting, one thing you should be familiar with is the Bitcoin sports betting odds. It is a commonly overlooked factor when it comes to sports betting. However, it is the odds that determine if a placed bet has value or not. If the probability of occurrence is low, the higher the odds will be. When you bet on an underdog which has a low probability of winning, your odds are automatically higher.

The three most common types of odds are Decimal, Fractional, and American. Decimal Odds are the most common odds format. Decimal Odds are equal the decimal value of the fractional odds, plus one. Fractional Odds quote the net total that the bettor gets, which is relative to their stake. American Odds work by displaying how much money you would have to risk in order to win $100.

Choosing a bookmaker with the best odds should be put into consideration as well. Having a trustworthy platform by your side gives you confidence and makes for trouble-free betting, a wide-ranging selection of odds, and of course, seamless deposits and withdrawals.

Sports bet types

Another factor to consider in this Bitcoin sports betting guide is the different sports bet types. The most common sports bet types are Money line, Draw no bet, Totals over/under, and Futures markets for tournament or season winner. Money line bets allow you to bet on the outcome of the game. The Draw no bet is choosing a team that will win the game. If a draw occurs, the bet is canceled and you get a refund for your stake. The Totals over/under is betting whether the total game points will be over or under a number. Lastly, the Futures refer to betting on a season or tournament’s overall winner. Other types of bet include Point Spread and Parlays. In the former, you bet on a team handicapped a certain number of points. In the latter, a series of individual bets will make up a single large bet. If a bet loses, the entire bet loses as well.

Do your research

When betting, it might be exciting for you to bet on your favorites or even start high roller Bitcoin betting right away. But if your priority is to win, you should think wisely when placing your bets. It is important for you to research facts on how certain factors can affect the outcome of a game. Look at past performances of players and see from there how they will perform in the next game. Check if there are any injuries that can affect the team’s line-up. There are plenty of statistics that you can use to determine which team has the upper hand. Such analysis will help you win your bets.

Bitcoin sports betting

To end this Bitcoin sports betting guide, it is advisable for you to bet on proper Bitcoin bookmakers. Check out our Bitcoin sports review pages for the latest and most informative brand overviews. Betting with Bitcoin allows you to have faster deposits and withdrawals which almost charges you nothing. On top of that, you get to bet anonymously. With the convenience it brings, it is no wonder for this virtual currency to be considered as the ideal currency for online sports betting.