Bitcoin Odds: After Earl Watson Parted Ways With The Suns, Which NBA Head Coach Is Next?

Bitcoin Odds: After Watson Parted Ways With The Suns, Who's Next?

After the horrid 3 consecutive game losses with the Suns, head coach, Earl Watson became the first blood after getting booted by the Phoenix Suns’ management early in the season. However, the Suns are should be targeting the best-case scenario for the draft lottery next year, which might be the last after the draft lottery changes. The 3 game losses were averaged by 40 point blowout losses and the Suns’ owner, Robert Sarver stated his intentions about tanking before the season started, but he didn’t want his franchise to become the face of embarrassment. Now, both Watson and the Phoenix Suns have moved on, while Watson is left on the job search, we’ll check the Bitcoin sportsbook odds to see which NBA head coach is nearing the ax swipe next.

Bitcoin NBA Coach Odds

Alvin Gentry, the former assistant coach of Steve Kerr in the Golden State Warriors, now sports highest odds to be fired from the New Orleans Pelicans with +275 odds. Behind him are, Jeff Hornacek with +300 odds, Doc Rivers with +500 odds, Frank Vogel with +550 odds, Fred Hoiberg with +600 odds, Dave Joerger with +750 odds, Brett Brown with +1000 odds, Mike Budenholzer with +1000 odds, Dwane Casey with +1500 odds, and Michael Malone with +1500 odds. These are mostly available on major Bitcoin sportsbook websites.

Clippers Are Still Very Clippers-y

Most expert opinions reiterate that Doc Rivers’ +500 odds is a pretty good price to take on. The retooled and now-moving-on-from-Chris-Paul Clippers are riding a 9 consecutive game losing streak, as of this writing. The Clippers started the season well and have even shown flashes to compete in the heavy contended Western Conference. But after the Los Angeles team lost key players due to injuries, the team is solely relying on Blake Griffin to carry more load. This left many sportswriters and analysts thinking, how long will Doc Rivers keep his job?

Kristaps Porzingis Saves Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek led the Knicks to a new found glory and even the possibility to bring back what’s right for the legendary New York team. Hornacek unleashed the Latvian Unicorn in Kristaps Porzingis after changing their offensive game plan away from the triangle offense–in which, former president Phil Jackson has taken with him as well–the Latvian Prince has been now given freedom to carry the Knicks in whichever offensive plays he can think of. Hornacek should stay and mentor Porzingis. While placing a bet on the +300 Bitcoin odds might be tempting, you should avoid it for now as the Knicks are currently standing on the 6th spot in the Eastern Conference.