Bitcoin Futures Outright Betting: US Presidential Odds

Bitcoin Futures Outright Betting: US Presidential Odds

Donald Trump—whether you’re a supporter or not—is one of the most talked about personalities today. The former businessman centers news headlines with his misogynist remarks on Twitter and public speeches. His rage and remarks won’t go unnoticed with his supporters and naysayers triggering more controversies. The 45th President of the United States is history’s first to reap this much talk and betting. This means that Donald Trump also gets talked about a lot in Bitcoin betting odds and predictions. While there are many Bitcoin prediction markets that go around, the most popular ones draw attention to Trump being able to finish his first term. Ironically, Trump is still favored to win the 2020 US elections by several Bitcoin sportsbook platforms. Continue reading to find out how you can place bets about the tenure of Donald Trump as the US president.

2020 Presidential Odds To Win The Elections

One of the most popular predictions is the 2020 presidential elections. Trump is still (+300) favored to stay as the US president, while his Vice President, Mike Pence has (+700) odds, Michelle Obama flaunting a (+1400) odds to win the 2020 elections, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker have (+2000) odds, both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden carry a (+2500) odds, Paul Ryan (+2800), and closing the top 10 is Marco Rubio with (+3300) odds.

In addition, celebrities are getting in on the action. With tech gurus, Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Cuban have (+5000) and (+6600) odds to be the next US president, respectively. More entertaining options include both Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with (+10,000) odds, and George Clooney and NFL superstar, Tom Brady both have (+30,000) odds as the next US president. All of these famous people are available to place Bitcoin wagers on in most online sportsbooks.

Realistically, we are still a long way from any of these bets happening. So, Bitcoin future bets are considered long-term and won’t pay off soon. But these outright bets are entertaining and for now, we can only speculate while we go nearer to the end of the first term of Donald Trump.