Are The Portland Trail Blazers Real And Not Just A Fluke?

Are The Portland Trail Blazers Real And Not Just A Fluke

In a sudden shift of motion, the Portland Trail Blazers now hold the third spot in the Western Conference which the San Antonio Spurs previously held. Portland arriving at a playoff home court advantage comfort seat is impressive. They beat the Warriors, Wolves, Thunder, and Jazz in that in just a span of 9 games, in which they lost only one game. RIP City is now 17-5 in after 22 games and is currently clinging onto an eight-game winning streak.

Portland has been a fluke the past seasons, since the 2012-2013 season. The best accomplishment they achieved was advancing to the second round of the playoffs but fell victim to elimination after facing loaded West teams. Is this the real thing now? Portland is holding back from making major changes in their roster, where it maintains the same core of Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and company. Will these same core players be able to contend the reigns of the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets–the two teams in the West who have clearly separated from the Western pack.

Betting On The Portland Trail Blazers

This season, Portland has laid down acceptable Bitcoin basketball odds and ATS (Against The Spread) numbers with a total record of 35-26-4. Although, they have satisfactory over/under totals with a 26-39 record. Meanwhile, RIP City has a record of 16-13-3 ATS when playing at home and 19-13-1 when playing away games. The Trail Blazers are 21-17-3 when tagged as favorites and 14-9-1 when playing the underdog role. They are not only riding an eight-game winning streak but have also won five straight against the spread. How’s that for quality Bitcoin sports betting odds opportunities?

Next Games Of Portland

After a beatdown against the Knicks, which as a result, have formally eliminated the Knicks from playoff contention, the Trail Blazers are continuing their hot streak after shooting 20 threes in the game. What’s next for Portland and will they extend this winning streak?

The next eight games of Portland will force a test of their real capabilities. Their next game will be against the Warriors, followed by the Heat, the Cavs, the Pistons, the Clippers, the Rockets, the Celtics, and the Thunder. These following games are still contending playoff teams with the majority as the higher-tiered NBA teams. This tough schedule will put the Trail Blazers into the pressure cooker. In the meantime, this also calls for the best Bitcoin sports betting tips before you make any bold moves and place bets. Since the Blazers’ blazing performance can potentially shift the odds, it’s always important that you have your predictions lined up and on point at all times.