A Recap Of NFL Week 10: Injuries, Dismissals & Notable Events

A Recap Of NFL Week 10: Injuries, Dismissals & Notable Events

Another week of NFL action is recorded and we are heading to the second half of the season with every team playing at least nine matches. Let’s take a closer look at Week 11 as Week 10 comes to an end.

From start to end real quick

The New Orleans Saints thought they were adding Dez Bryant to their arsenal of players. But before he could even appear in his debut match with the team, Bryant tore his Achilles in practice, ruling him out for the rest of the 2018 NFL season. He will now have to finish the season by the sidelines and has plenty of work ahead of him to be fully prepped for the next season. Of course, the Saints have been performing well on offense without him this season and are coming off an impressive 51-point performance on Sunday, so this loss isn’t as significant as we thought it might have been. More than that, they already have Brandon Marshall lined up to replace him.

Bye bye, Teryl

The Saints’ 51-point game looks to have cost Cincinnati’s Teryl Austin his job a the team’s defensive coordinator. The Bengals sacked Austin on Monday, just nine games into his first season with the franchise. After suffering the 51-point match, this put Bengals at the 31st spot in the NFL in point allowed with 32 per game and at or near the bottom in major defensive statistics.

Hollow victory

Despite taking down the Seahawks 36-31 in Sunday, the Rams did suffer a loss by way of Cooper Kupp tearing his ACL during the process. He is now ruled out for the rest of the season. Kupp was third in receiving right after Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods but led the charge with sic receiving touchdowns. Needless to say, this leaves a gaping hole knowing that the Rams were potent with Todd Gurley in the backfield working alongside three quality receivers chaching passes from Jared Goff.

Notable cuts

There were a few significant cuts after Week 10. First, the Bills letting go of quarterback Nathan Peterman is a long overdue move. As mentioned, Matt Barkley performed exceptionally well during Sunday’s wins against the Jets. The move also alerts that either Josh Allen or Derek Anderson will be back in action following this week’s bye.

Moreover, the Panthers cut running back C.J. Anderson. The Panthers have started to prefer Christian McCaffrey this season, leaving just 24 carries all year for the running back. Given his recent stats, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Anderson continue his career with another team before the season ends.

Ultimately, we are bound to see movement in NFL betting markets after Week 10. Be sure to look closely and you might just find several opportunities that can secure you more payouts.