2020 US Presidential Election Odds: A Unique Betting Market

2020 US Presidential Election Odds: A Unique Betting Market

This is an anticipated year for United States citizens as the presidential elections draw nearer. Donald Trump sits at the top spot of the polls, while Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg try to challenge the Republican side and force a win. Of course, the elections also open opportunities for unique betting markets. With that, Nitrogen Sports introduces the 2020 US Presidential Election odds that cover the prospective candidates.

A look at the 2020 US Presidential Election odds

The United States faced plenty of political drama in the past few years, and the coming months won’t be any different, if not more heated. As the 2020 US Presidential Election draws closer and closer, we get to see the candidates up their game and be more aggressive with their campaigns. Only a few weeks stand between now and the primary season, which gives us an opportunity to take a good look at the Bitcoin bets for 2020 Elections.

Donald Trump (-139)

Chances look good for Trump this year once again. It is a rare occasion that the current President loses his seat. The last time we saw this was in 1992 when Clinton made way for George H.W. Bush.

This means we might see an increase in Donald Trump’s polls as Election Day approaches. Additionally, the positive reception of the market after the Trump-China deal gives him more momentum as voters are commonly encouraged by a strong market.

Joe Biden (+455)

Biden holds the biggest poll lead in the Democratic side and also a strong contender against Donald Trump, keeping the 2020 US Presidential Election odds more interesting. The 47th Vice President of the United States is well affiliated with Barack Obama, giving him another ace card in his pocket. We can expect Biden to spark a similar rivalry with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, which happened in 2016. While we see Bernie with a good start, Biden’s side is expected to take this lead towards the end of the season.

Andrew Yang (+1650)

Social media and the rest of the Internet favours Andrew Yang. He backs this with talks about giving everyone in the country $1000 USD a month, which is sure to attract many supporters. Users of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin will surely have their attention directed towards Yang. His popularity is reminiscent of Sanders and Trump. Yang went from zero to hero in no time and he continues to draw a crowd every day.

Pete Buttigieg (+2750)

Buttigieg sees struggle, but he attracts more support in essential primary states. The former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana has proven the unthinkable before after winning over Midwestern voters. He is gaining momentum in Iowa, the earliest state that has a say in the Democratic primaries. If he can continue this trend and have more delegates attuned to the Iowa caucus, this can give him the boost he needs.

Now that you are informed of how the candidates sit, you get a better understanding and judgment should you make your pick. The Nitrogen Sports blog gives great insights to both the odds and the elections, so make sure you check their content for the latest news.