2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Recap: Game 3 & Game 4

2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Recap: Game 3 & Game 4

The turn of events in the 2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1 upset and rewarded those who bet on previous Bitcoin basketball odds. Moreover, will the remaining Game 4 matches and upcoming Game 5 matches deliver the same level of excitement?

Game 3

Pacers vs Cavaliers

The Indiana Pacers pulled off another shocking win against top-contender team Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3. Cleveland had the upper hand at the halftime buzzer with a comfortable 17-point lead. However, Friday night was Bojan Bogdanovic’s night. The Croatians displayed a sensational performance after scoring 30 points, allowing Indiana to close down the score. Eventually, Indiana was able to take the victory with a close ending score of 92-90 to take the 2-1 lead over the 2017 NBA Champions.

Wizards vs Raptors

The Washington Wizards were brought back to life after overcoming Toronto in Game 3 of the series. A surprisingly sloppy performance by the Raptors meant that the Wizards can take advantage of the opening. Washington rode strong performances from two of their star guards, John Wall and Bradley Beal with 28 points each. It clearly wasn’t working for the Raptors that night as they accumulated a total of 19 turnovers. The home team capitalized on this and prevented a 3-0 series lead. The game ended 122-103.

Bucks vs Celtics

Capping off Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs Round 1 was a pivotal victory by the Milwaukee Bucks. The team zoomed passed one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and scored 116 points. Meanwhile, the away team did not put much of a fight after being overwhelmed by the Bucks’ offense led by Khris Middleton who scored 23 points. It was a relatively quiet night for Antetokounmpo with 19 points added. After a disheartening loss in Game 2, the Bucks bounced back and made the series 2-1. The final scoreline was 116-92, in favor of the Bucks.

Timberwolves vs Rockets

The Timberwolves posted their first playoff victory since 2004, after shutting down the Rockets in Game 3. Jimmy Butler scored 28 points and collected 7 rebounds and 5 assists for Minnesota while Harden scored 29 points for Houston. Despite being down two games to none, the Timberwolves returned to a home city without disappointing the crowd. This win will surely lift up the spirits and boost the confidence of the Wolves in Game 4. The Timberwolves took the win after ending the game with a 121-105 scoreline.

Jazz vs Thunder

Utah takes the lead after a commanding Game 3 in the series, ending it115-102 in favor of Utah. Ricky Rubio took center stage with 26 points, 10 assists, and 11 rebounds. This triple-double powered Utah 12-point deficit chase and a big win. However, Oklahoma City counterpart Russell Westbrook proclaimed that there will be no more of that performance from the guard in Game 4. The Thunder needs to tie up the series if they want to go home for game five.

Game 4

Heat vs 76ers

An obviously tired Miami Heat fell to the 76ers once again, who grabbed a 3-1 advantage in the first round of the playoffs. The victory was unexpected after Philadelphia scored 14 straight points to take the lead in the third period. This marks the final margin of victory for the away team. Game 4 was more of a battle than it was a basketball match as the two teams exhibited drama and aggression. A scuffle between Simmons and Johnson, a bloody-eyed Winslow, and Embiid landing on Richardson were some of the hottest moments of the game. Even with 26 turnovers, the 76ers were able to hold it together and end the game with a 102-106 scoreline.

Pelicans vs Trail Blazers

The Pelicans completed a massive upset after sweeping the Trail Blazers. Again, the efforts of Portland weren’t enough to take down the Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. The forward was almost unstoppable with 45 points and 12 rebounds. As if this wasn’t enough for the Trail Blazers, Jrue Holiday turned in another incredible performance with 41 points and 8 assists. CJ McCollum, on the other hand, scores 38 for his team, who were in the rearview mirror of the Pelicans until the end. But, none of this prevented the dominance of the Pelicans after ending the game 131-123 with the win.

Bucks vs Celtics

The Bucks edge the Celtics to level things out. Antetokounmpo scored 27 points, including a vital tip that put the Bucks up 104-102 with just five seconds remaining on the clock. Boston’s Marcus Morris failed to hit a 14-footer at the buzzer with Middleton’s hand on the way to seal a close victory for the Bucks. This puts both teams on par with 2 wins apiece. With Game 5 just around the corner, the Bucks need to deliver the clutch again to keep the hopes of a conference finals spot high.

Spurs vs Warriors

The Spurs got out of a looming sweep thanks to veteran guard Manu Ginobili scoring 10 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter. This could’ve been his final home game with the Spurs, and they beat last year’s champions 103-90. Making a significant contribution to the Spurs was Aldridge with 22 points and 10 rebounds.Gregg Popovich remained out of commission following the death of his wife. Simultaneously, Kevin Durant’s 34-point game was not able to hold back the Spurs. It was indeed a quiet night for the Warriors as they head back home for Game 5.

Wizards vs Raptors

The Raptors set the tone with an early 11-point lead with three three-pointers from Lowry. But by the end of the turned quarter, Washington was able to claw back from an 11-point deficit with Beal and Porter combining for 23 points to tie the game. The Wizards hit six threes, which made all the difference. In the end, they were able to seal the win despite a few hiccups in the fourth quarter and went on a 14-6 run to close the game. The Wizards tie the series 2-2 as they head back to Toronto.

Pacers vs Cavaliers

Cleveland secured the win after outlasting the Pacers, 104-100, and tie the series at 2 wins each. LeBron James carried Cleveland once more, along with a number of three-pointers from his teammates combined for 30 points. Indiana was in the game until the end, but Oladipo struggled and had to be picked up by teammates Sabonis and Turner. Game 5 goes back to Cleveland and now have the home team advantage. Can LeBron and company step up to take the series lead?